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Yesterday and Today November 27, 2008

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The day before the hair cut




Ladybug gets a hair cut

She had been begging me for weeks.

Yes, I saved it.

It’s special to me.


Bleh November 24, 2008

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Pardon me for being a bit of a grumpster today; I just found out where I have to be for Black Friday, and it’s 4 hours away and I have to be there at 4am.  Sleep?  What’s that?  

Another grump inducing bit of business is this cute little bit of knitting.


What could be wrong with it?   Pigeon has chubby thighs, that’s what! The rolled cuffs are too tight.  I am so not in the mood to frog, but I will certainly have time on Friday while I sit on my duff for 3 hours 4 hours away from home.

But then again, this part makes me happy.


I used a ruffle formula that someone posted in a Rav thread – fairly simple multiple of 4 +3 stitches.  Start with *K3 P1* across and end with a K3.  Turn, *P3 M1 K1 M1* P3.  Keep adding stitches on the increase rows and on the plain rows knit stitches as they present themselves.  I liked it better than the generic “increase every stitch” ruffle. 

So, anyone know of a place that sells good coffee by the pony keg?


ILAC Report! November 12, 2008

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I have stepped outside my comfort zone!

Unfortunately, today ended up not being the best day for ILAC day – what started out as an easy, stress-free work day ended up being a very irritating, no progress kind of day.  I even missed a pumping session!  That being said, I did leave a fair number of comments, but I used my Get Out Of Commenting card a few too many times (maybe 5?).  I just couldn’t think of anything to say. 

Moving on to the knitting:

My First Soaker is almost complete.

Blurry soaker

Sorry, the picture is a trifle blurry, but pretty true to color.  I finally decided, with the help of some folks on Ravelry, to add some leg cuffs.  Now I need to decide if I want ruffles, ribs, or rolls.  The girly in me wants ruffles; I just don’t know if it will work well in this highly variegated yarn.  Opinions?


Going Green on the Weekends November 5, 2008

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It’s amazing to me how quickly I went from being Cloth-Diapering-Curious to buying Prefolds and covers and Snappis.

It all started with exploding poops.  Poops that could not be contained by some mere mortal disposable diaper.

Then it went to a red unhappy bottom.

So we tried some pocket diapers.  They work great, but to get a supply that would work for us for even just the weekend only, we would need to spend oodles and oodles of money (they’re around $20 each, and just think about how many diapers a 5 month old uses in a day [yes, she’s 5 months old today!]).

Of course, Pigeon’s day care providers aren’t able to handle CDing (yeah, I’m already picking up the jargon and abbreviations used in the CDing crowd) so she’s still using her Pampers there.  And still having diaper blow-outs.

Why would I mention all of this on a knitting blog?  Well, because I added a new WIP to the mix.  (We’ll not discuss how this little monogamous knitter has 4 projects going right now.)  I’m using my Artful Yarns Shakespeare that I won in a contest a while ago.


I am imagining that this is what knitting with roving is like.  There’s very little twist in the yarn, but it’s very enjoyable to knit with.  Plus, you’ve gotta love knitting with bulky yarns!  I think I’m already  halfway done with the soaker.