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A follow-up to an old knit September 29, 2010

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I’m still plugging away at my vest – the back is done and I’ve already split for the front.  But instead of taking pictures of an off-white blob, I have pictures of something else – Pidge’s Boheme!

Still fits!

It’s actually (almost) the perfect size now. The neck is still big, even after I added a crochet chain around the back to pull it in. Some of this can be blamed on my gauge, and some can be blamed on the pattern – the arms needed to be placed a little further back.  It fits perfectly in front.

In fact, it's still big around the neck.

Man, she was a happy kid this morning. I swear I didn’t give her pure sugar for breakfast.


Remember when I said I have a high instep? September 2, 2010

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Yeah.  Too high.

Did not work

I even followed the instructions for a high instep, but clearly there’s just not enough stretch in the leg of the sock to get that far.

So yeah, these will be frogged – unless someone I really like comes along with size 6.5 feet and a very low instep.

But isn’t the color wonderful?

So now I’m swatching for a vest for me.  I’ve got Cascade 220, and I need a good pattern.  Suggestions?  I want a simple stockinette V-neck.  Right  now I’m looking at modifying either the Gilmore Vest or the Sweetheart Vest to fit my gauge but I’m open to other patterns if you know of any.