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Random Tuesday: Three day weekend edition September 4, 2007

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Hubby and I celebrated our Fifth Anniversary on Saturday.  As a token of his love for me, he put cruise control in my car.  OK, technically, we paid someone to put it in my car, but he was very sneaky about it.  I bought him a big, soft blanket.  I told him to not spend a lot of money, but he did it anyways.  Not that I’m complaining, because I love my cruise control!

Monday, Anna and I spent some time at Santa-Cali-Gon days.  She got her face painted for the first time!

Coming home from the fair

Of course, it wouldn’t be Labor Day without something in the house needing repair, and my garage door spring was happy to oblige.  So we had fun replacing that. 

And finally, well, the Annie saga is not over.  We noticed on Saturday that something was not looking right, and by Monday more toe bone was exposed.  I took her back to the vet this morning, and I just found out that they had to remove that particular toe bone.  So she’s spending the night again at the vet. 

I feel so bad about it!  I had sworn that I would never get a cat declawed, after having a cat when I was young who had so many problems afterward.  But then they came out with the laser surgery option, and Wimpy and Callie had no problems, so I didn’t expect Annie to have problems either.  I guess I’ve learned my lesson.

And we watched three movies:  Failure to Launch, The Break-Up, and The Family Stone.  Three movies equals some knitting time!

ETA:  And to top it all off, I forgot to change my shoes after rushing Annie to the Vet.  So I’m wearing flip-flops to work today.  Niiiice.


Her eyes burn with the fire of a thousand suns August 27, 2007

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Annie with Lampshade, unhappy

Ah, here is Annie. She is an unhappy kitty. She hates her cone almost as much as she hates her new antibiotics. Apparently, the antibiotics are pretty vile.

The pain meds are OK, though.

Here’s a blurry fuzzy teaser of something to come!

Two toes

Look! Two toes!


The word of the day is… August 24, 2007

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Bone.  More specifically, toe bone.  Annie experienced a rare complication from the declawal, and she’s back at the vet today to get it repaired.  I see a head cone in our future!

Have a good weekend everyone!


My knitterly reality: a vignette August 23, 2007

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Hubby:  What do you want for an anniversary gift?

Me:  Hmm, I can’t really think of anything right now.

H:  Are you sure?  There’s nothing you want?

M:  Well, you could get me a gift card to Barnes and Noble.

H:  No, I don’t want you reading all the time.  You don’t scratch my back enough as it is.

M:  Well, the only other things I can think of right now are knitting related.

H: NO NO NO!  I will not get you knitting supplies. 

M:  I know, which is why I didn’t ask.

He’s just a little bit anti-me-knitting.  So anything I want, I have to buy.  (And sneak into the house, shhhh!)

In other life news, Annie is not completely well after her surgery.  We noticed a couple of days after she came home that she was favoring one paw, but it seemed to get better.  She was jumping on and off of surfaces and walking normal, except when she came to a stop she would still pick that one foot up.  We looked at it last night, and there is something wrong/growing/protruding from one of her pads.  So we will be taking a trip back to the vet.  We know just how much she loves that. 


Hello, it’s going to be a random Wednesday August 1, 2007

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Have you seen the Drunken Bees sock pattern?  Apparently bees are all the rage right now!

Annie comes back from the Vet today.  No worries, folks.  We had to get her declawed (front only.)  We tried for three years to get her to stop clawing the furniture, but nothing worked.  We paid extra for the laser treatment, so she should heal very quickly and her pain minimized.  Our two older cats had the same procedure done 5 years ago, and everything has been just fine with them.

Our neighbors are moving.  I suppose that’s not all that unusual, but they never put up a for sale sign.  I’m worried that they might have been a victim of the sub-prime market collapse.  They’re nice people; not perfect neighbors (2 loud barking dogs and lots of toys strewn about the yard) and Anna really likes their 5 year old son.  I haven’t had a chance to chat with either of them, though.  The summer heat has kept all of us indoors most of the time.

I have found a wonderful summer alcoholic beverage.  Oh god, that website is horrible, but the drink is tasty.  I’m sure a real Mojito is better, but I’ll survive with the malt beverage substitute for now.

There has been another local case of people trying to steal an unborn baby.  Scary.  There was another instance of this happening in 2004, when I was pregnant with Anna. 

So that’s life.  I’m into the second pattern repeat on the Embossed Leaves socks.  I have no hopes of them photographing well, but I love how they’re turning out.


Cheezburger? June 19, 2007

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Everybody knows about I can has Cheezburger, right?  This recent submission sent me reeling!


Purple toe April 26, 2007

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Remember my boo-boo?

Bruised Toenail

Oh dear, I just noticed that you can see my big toe hair!  I’m so embarassed. 

Quick, look at the cat!


I don’t know why she looks so grumpy.  She’s really a very happy kitty.