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Knitting progress is a function of time May 24, 2007

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Just a heads up – I’m going to be away from the blog (and Internet in general) for a bit next week.  Don’t worry if you don’t see me around.

I finished the right front of Reid last night!  Look out sleeves, here I come.  After the Fetchings, of course.  And I might just sneak in my Pomatomus pair too.  I can’t go too long without a pair of socks on the needles.


Falling off my high horse May 23, 2007

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And doing a face plant in the dirt.

I just spent money on yarn.  More than I normally would.

It was Sheri, of course.  All Things Heather in Blood Orange.  Like it was custom dyed for me.  Plus some Fleece Artist Sea Wool in Rose and Cider Moon Icicle in Avocado.  To round out the shipping, Cookie’s German Stocking Pattern and a Soak Wash sampler.

I am going to love watching for the mail guy!  I have to find the package and hide it before my husband sees it! 


Should I join the slog-a-long? May 22, 2007

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Woohoo, 5 repeats done on the right front of Reid.  One more, and then we move into shaping the arm hole.  I like that part.  The rows get shorter.

Now don’t get confused.  The other day I told you I was working on the left front.  Well, staring at those charts for so long can get a girl befuddled.  I finished the left front quite a while ago.


Oh so loverly May 21, 2007

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Well, that was a lovely weekend! 

We ran a garage sale on Saturday.  My parents came down and sold some stuff with us, so between the 4 adults present Anna was well entertained.  And hey, we made almost $100 off of stuff we never use. 

I won’t get to use any of that money for new yarn or a ball winder though.  Gas is $3.299 here.  Both hubby and I drive vehicles that get around 28-29 MPG, but this expensive gas still eats away at the disposable income. 

I did get a new zit on my chin, but those are free.


Future Pomatomus May 18, 2007

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I’m not an official member of Yarn Porn Fridays, so I’m under no obligation to do this ever again. But since knitting has been uneventful, you’re going to get some yarn.




Yarn Pirate Merino/Tencel in the Quicksilver colorway, purchased from the lovely Sheri at The Loopy Ewe.  I’m bemoaning her free shipping going up to orders of $75 or more!  I don’t get to buy often, but when I do I can swing $50.  $75 is a little harder.  (Yes, I know it’s because of that darn USPS, not her fault.)


Roza’s Epilogue May 17, 2007

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Mom likes her socks!  Yessss!

And even better, they fit!

I think my sister might be jealous.


Blah blah blah May 16, 2007

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I don’t have much of anything today. 

I want to cast on something else, but I know that if I do then I’ll just push back completion on Reid.  I tell myself that I just need to finish the left front, and then I can start my Fetchings.  I have to have some discipline!

But last night I had all the opportunity in the world to knit, and what did I do?  I played Spider Solitaire on the computer for a half hour.  Maybe I just need something else.