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Not a Book Review February 25, 2009

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I am infatuated with the new Mason-Dixon Knitting book.  Love it.  I want to make the Cardi Cozy, Emma Peel, a kippah, and while I’ll probably never make it, I love the look of this coat.  (If I ever get svelte and trim, I’ll totally be making it.)  I’ve been hunting down some Kid Silk Haze through Ravelry, and I might just have found some I can afford.  If I can really make the Cardi Cozy out of two balls (yes, I’ve seen that it might take more, but I would want mine to be very airy, like the sample in the book(OK, maybe I’m delusional.  Even Margene needed 4 balls.  Damn.)), I will be a very happy knitter.

The Knitting Workshop tapes from the library are here, and I started watching the first one.  I am amused that the first project uses stranded knitting.  I think it’s great, actually, that EZ is making it seem like it’s nothing to be afraid of.  She doesn’t over analyze it, just says be consistent and you’ll be OK.  

An evening at my house (not normally this dark, but what can you expect taking video on a digital camera?):

Yup, watch out.  Pidge is mobile.


Gotta Love the Library! February 13, 2009

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The best part – these were all just sitting on the shelf.  I didn’t even have to place a hold!

I did, however, place a hold for 3 more items that were at different branches: the 3 videos in EZ’s Knitters Workshop.  I am totally stoked.  Now I hope they’ll get here before I have to stop working from home!

Now, Elizabeth Zimmermann is one area where my regional library system is lacking.  The author search today yielded only 2 titles – Knitters Workshop and another video that I can’t remember.  10 months ago they didn’t have even those two.  (Way back then, I tried to get KW via WorldCat, and failed miserably.  I wonder if that’s why they have the tapes now?)  I’d love to go out and buy the books I want, but we’re not buying much these days (see house, new; baby, new; and economy, bad.)

So pardon me while I go curl up with a blanket on the couch and read a book.  After my visit with the mechanical baby, of course.


Which half? September 10, 2007

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I’m sure you’ve seen this mentioned somewhere else, but Barnes and Noble is having a 50% off sale on select craft books.  I went into the local one and got the three Vogue Stitchionaries, another stitch book (that has the embossed leaves stitch pattern right on the front!), Simple Knits for Cherished Babies, and Knitting on the Edge

And I am 4 rows away from finishing the knitting portion of Reid.  If I just sit down for an hour, I can get that done!  I should have the time today, if I can just stop reading forum threads on Ravelry. 


Keepin’ it spoiler free July 24, 2007

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Yup, I finished Deathly Hallows.

I liked it.  Yessiree, I did.  Some of what I expected was right, and some was wrong.  I liked how J.K. Rowling worked out the final confrontation.

The Epilogue was OK.  It helps to remember that this book is for kids, so I shouldn’t expect an in-detail analysis of the fallout after the final events in the main story.

If you want to talk specifics about it, leave a comment saying so, but don’t discuss the specifics in the comment.  I’ll email you back and we can do it there.  I will delete any spoilers I see (but it may take me a while to see them, so please be careful!)

I finished the book too late last night to have time to cast on for the first of Reid’s sleeves, and I’m traveling today so I don’t expect to get anything started tonight.  I suppose I could get lucky and get home at a decent hour.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how I was able to find time to read so much yesterday, well, Anna’s on vacation.  She’s spending 3 days at a little resort for members of the MSTA with my Aunt and Uncle.  So far she’s doing well, and I only cried a little bit watching her leave!


Past the heel April 12, 2007

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I have successfully knit the heel flap, picked up the gusset stitches, and started working in the round again.  I do have to say that I really like the look of the traditional heel flap and gusset. 

Why haven’t I finished this one sock yet?  Because of work, yes, and also because I received my booty from Aija’s blog contest a while back.  I’ve been reading The Friday Night Knitting Club.  It’s enjoyable in a very chick lit lite kind of way.  I do care about the characters, but it’s clichéd and if I have to read one more time about someone tossing her brown curls, I might scream.  And then go read some more.  It has the feeling of being written to be turned into a movie.

Aija also sent along one of her stitchmarkers, a pretty brown and pink pearl combination, which happened to coordinate perfectly with my Easter outfit.  Yes, I wore it as a necklace.  I just wish I had a couple more for matching earrings! 


Dear Kitty, February 8, 2007

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I love to read. I majored in English my freshman year of college, but changed it after I realized that there aren’t many jobs where they pay you to read all day long.

Right now I’m reading The Diary of Anne Frank, as astute readers might have surmised from the title. How did I grow up in the US without ever reading this book before? I’ve read Thomas Hardy, Jane Austen (even Lady Susan!), etc, but never Anne Frank. She was a knitter, you know. I’m enjoying it, if I can say that I enjoy a book where I know the author dies in the end.

I guess this blog will be my Kitty. And in saying that, I’m free to say that Google Reader blows goat’s ass today. I can tell my Kitty anything I want to; millions of people in the future are never going to read it and think poorly of me for using such crude language.

I should get some good work done on my BFF socks tonight. I’m traveling for work, so the only distractions I’ll have are HBO and possibly a Jacuzzi if I get a free room upgrade. I love that Jacuzzi!