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No socks or dishcloths around these parts September 29, 2009

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I am taking a leap of faith.  Jumping into the abyss.

I am knitting a dress for Ladybug.


She who will not wear the sweater I made for her over a year ago.  At least this time I’m using one of her favorite colors.

Close up (and a little more pinkish than in real life):


It’s not the most fun knit ever, but it does look rather pretty, doesn’t it?  The yarn – Classic Elite Pebbles – is a real trip.  You can see how textured it is in the close up picture.  It’s not hard to knit with, just don’t expect to be able to see your decreases or any stitch definition with it.

I may have to come up with some ornamentation or embroidery or something to princessify it if Ladybug won’t wear it.  Silly girl sold her soul to Walt Disney and his princesses.


Practically Perfect in Every Way September 21, 2009

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Why yes. Yes I do. (Thanks for the Sock Summit swag, Michelle!)


Pattern: Monkey
Yarn: Yarntini Variegated in Pumpkin Spice
Needles: My faithful CP bamboo DPNs, size 0 aka 2.00 mm
Mods: Only four repeats on the leg instead of six. Sherman short-row heel because I wanted to learn.  I decreased to 60 stitches for the foot by decreasing 4 stitches on the sole.


I’m just… well… I’m just pretty proud of these socks. This was the best possible outcome – perfect yarn and pattern.  If I was a better blogger I’d do an in-depth dye-job comparison between the Yarntini and the Yarn Pirate that I used for my last pair of socks.  The Yarntini has much longer color stretches, so it knits up nicely at 60-64 stitches around.  The YP has shorter color lengths, so it does the nice variegated thing at 44-48 stitches around.


Ah yes, the heel. I used the Sherman Short-row tutorial over at Mel’s place.  I’m still not sold on short row heels for my feet, but I think I like this technique the best.  I might try the afterthought heel next, I’m not sure.  I don’t have any socks on the needles right now, because I’m working on a dress for Ladybug.  (I know, she’ll probably hate it and never wear it.  But at least this time it has some red in it.)


It only took me two days! September 10, 2009

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That’s right, another Finished Object!

Soap Sack

Pattern: I made it up. I’ll tell you more.
Yarn: Peaches N Creme, leftovers from other dishcloths, less than a fourth of a ball
Needles: US 5 bamboo dpns

Soap sack leaning ever so seductively

So, I’ve got two nice bars of soap that I can’t buy more of until I get a job.  This soap lasts maybe a week in the shower on the soap shelf, and I didn’t want to waste it.  So I borrowed the stitch pattern from here, modified to knit in the round, borrowed construction hints from here (clearly the scrubby, not the baby booties), and knit it.  The base rectangle is 14 stitches and 4 rows, so that you have 14 stitches for the lace sections (on both sides) and 4 stitches for the stockinette panels.  Then all in stockinette for a bit, a K2Tog YO row, more stockinette, and a normal BO.  The drawstring is just a crochet chain.

Of course, I haven’t actually gotten to use it in the shower yet.  My bodywash it at that point where there’s hardly any left, but there still seems to be enough in there every day for at least that one day.


Uh-Oh, Baby is Waking Up September 3, 2009

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Time for a quickie –


Pattern:  Improvised, aka 44 stitch 2×2 ribbed sock with short row heel (Yikes, twice in a row. Am I sure I’m me?)
Yarn:  Almost the last of the Yarn Pirate M/T in Dogwood. There’s a tiny ball left for darning. If I ever darn them.
Needles:  CP US 0, 2.00mm DPN’s

Pic spam:




I’m very happy with how these turned out. Apparently, this yarn prefers to be knit at 40-44 stitches around.  Shall I dare try them on the baby toddler now?  It’ll be fun watching her wipe-out on the hardwood floor!