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Just a Quickie April 28, 2009

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Gallstones.  Fun.  (Not.)

New socks started for waiting room waits.


Storm sewer improvements tearing up my irises unless I get them out of the ground before Friday.

Termedor applied, so termites should by dying by the dozen.

Tripped a GFC sometime (probably Sunday), so freezer in garage was off for over a day.  Lost over 50oz of EBM, plus thawed out our meat.  Looks like we’re having chicken/fish/steak for dinner tonight.


Yellow shoes of good luck:  wore them when we found the house, when we made the successful offer on the house, and when we closed on the house.  They are happy inducing.  I need some happy right now.


Where has the time gone? April 23, 2009

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Pigeon at Window

It wasn’t that long ago that she was a scrawny little newborn!


That Makes Three April 15, 2009

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  1. I lost my job
  2. Hubby’s Grandpa’s decline
  3. Termites


termite damage to our baseboard

Yup. Termites. We had a swarm.  (Warning.  Do not click if you can’t stand the sight of bugs.)  Luckily, they don’t seem to be anywhere else, but of course we’re going to shell out some decent sized bucks to pay for a full treatment.  I’ve never wanted to know so much about termites and termite treatment in my life!

So, the knitting continues.  I’m working on two large projects, so progress is slow and not very bloggable.

Here’s the Cardi Cozy after 23 rows.

what a blue blob

Make Me a Super Hand Model

And the baby blanket looks much the same as it did before, but with a larger brown block on the top.  

Well, Pigeon is singing my song, so I’ve got to go get her out of bed.  TTYL!


We’re Having Fun! April 9, 2009

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Crawling Towards Me

I probably come off as complaining an awful lot about Pidge staying home with me, but I really do embrace our time together.  We played on the floor, chasing each other, knocking things off her head, and just had fun for a while today.

Standing Up

I know that I’m not cut out to be a stay at home Mom.  I find taking care of the kids very stressful – they’re hard bosses to please.  

Playing Today

But I can certainly cherish this bit of time together.  10 months old is a great age.  I might get to see her first steps!


She’d likely be walking to grab on Callie.  Poor kitty.


No Time, Must Blog! April 7, 2009

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In an effort to save money, Pigeon is staying home with me during the day.  This means that I have very little time for anything that isn’t entertaining the baby, or making sure she doesn’t crawl down the stairs (because up is so easy, she thinks down will be too, and MUST be done head-first), or eat all the paper in the house.  (I still get Tuesdays though; my Aunt takes her for the day on Tuesday.  Hence the blogging today.  And job apps.  And cleaning.)

But last week I did have some knitty fun.  I picked up my Moderne Baby Blanket and knit a few ridges, and cast on for my Cardi Cozy in that gorgeous soft blue laceweight.  I don’t have pictures because Hubby commandeered the camera for his trip to Phoenix and hasn’t yet returned it to its rightful place on my desk.

Phoenix?  Well, Hubby’s Grandpa had a heart attack and his body is shutting down.  He has a week or two left, and Hubby got the opportunity to fly down there and say his good-byes.  It’s very sad, but Grandpa has led a very full life, and right now his quality of life is poor – he can’t walk any more, his kidneys are almost non-functioning, and he can’t take care of himself now.  But his mind is all there, and that’s very reassuring.  

On a lighter note, I got to go shopping with my Mom and Sister (who just got a job, yippie!) and got oodles of great interview/work outfits, and a couple pairs of very non-sensible shoes.  I think my favorites are the python print pumps.  

I know y’all read Techknitter, but did you know she reads my mind, and posts new articles about something I’m going to have to do on the next row of my current project?  

I think that’s it.