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Another Random Friday? January 30, 2009

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How shall I weave all that my brain has to offer into a gently flowing narrative?  I’m thinking a list.

  1. Picked up Ladybug’s Swirly socks again, have made it past the heel.  It was totally inspired by my desire to try this short-row heel technique.  I only ripped out the heel 5 times before I got it right.  Still not feeling the short-row love, but it’s something I’d like to have in my arsenal.  (For the record, when she’s talking about “active stitches”, she is including those ones that you just made.)
  2. Started making Ladybug a tutu.  Luckily I bought tulle on a spool, but cutting it into the right length is still tedious.
  3. Desperately want to run out and buy lots of cute flannel prints to make cloth diapers.  Having sewn exactly 2 things in my entire life, I should probably rethink this desire.  However, I’ll be at Mom’s on Sunday.  She knows how to sew, and has a machine that can actually do a zig zag stitch.  In other words, if I’m gonna do it, it needs to be done right now!
  4. I love our new house, but it would be nice if the whole house humidifier that I was so stoked about actually did something.  I know that I screwed up and forgot to actually turn the water on to the unit, but I fixed that recently.  I’m still getting shocked every time I go to open up the fridge.  (Not enough to be a food deterrent, though.)

And a picture for your enjoyment:

August 6

Compare that to the ones of Pidge in her sweater.


Why I love knitting baby things January 27, 2009

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Is it because they’re blurry?


No, that’s just my inability to hold still while I’m pressing a button.

Is it because the recipient loves me so much she can’t help but stare at me adoringly?


Nope. She’s more interested in the TV than in me.

I guess it’s because she’s cute.


It better be, because 10 minutes after the photos were taken, there were illicit mashed potatoes smeared over the front of the sweater.


La Vie Boheme January 26, 2009

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This economy has been great for my knitting time.


Pattern: Boheme
Yarn: STR Heavyweight in Mustang Sally
Needles: KP Harmony size 5 24″ circs
Size: 18 months
Started: January 7, 2009
Finished: January 26, 2009
Mods: A couple to combat the stockinette curl. I added a 3 stitch garter border to the lace section and I knit a garter ruffle edging instead of the picot bind-off.



I know, I know.  Putting the sweater on a teddy is a cop-out.  But teddy is a close-ish approximation to Pigeon’s current size, and it’s way to big for poor teddy.  I didn’t have the buttons sewn on before Pidge left for daycare this morning.  

Speaking of buttons, these are little kitty cat faces.  (Hard to tell, I know.)  Cute, but the ears like to catch on the button holes.  Also, I think one of them might be a little crooked.


Happy 4th Birthday, Ladybug! January 19, 2009

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I’m so sorry you’re sick today!




Goals for 2009 January 12, 2009

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I don’t do resolutions, but I’ll do some goals – knitting and otherwise.

  1. Knit a top down raglan
  2. Fix my Pomatomusii
  3. Get a full night’s sleep; or at least sleep for 6 hours in a row
  4. Ride my new exercise bike for at least 10 minutes per week
  5. Get a new job

Fairly simple.  I’ve already started the raglan and it’s going well.  See?


I’m at the part just before I get rid of the sleeve stitches.  These are the longest two rows in the whole thing!


Resist me not January 9, 2009

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So, a friend of ours who lives far, far away recently came by for a visit.  We were chatting about something when I paused, noticing her earrings.  Initially, they looked like little dangling turquoise stones, but I should have known better.  This friend is known for her unconventional jewelry (she has earrings that look like small scissors.  I don’t think they work, but you never know.)

They were resistors!  Dangly blue resistors!  

And apparently there is a booming business in resistor jewelry on Etsy.  This seller is setting my heart afire!

And then my mind jumped from jewelry to stitch markers, and I found these.  I’m not so sure about the nut, though.  I think it would be heavy and wide.  

So, anyone know of anyone who makes resistor stitch markers?  

OK, it’s not like I can do a lot of buying right now.  But if I get this new job that I interviewed for, watch out!  I’m going to be blinged out in resistors!

This friend made this hat for Pigeon.

Pigeon in hat made by Christina

She’s so photogenic.  Me, not so much.


Keeping Pestilence Warm January 7, 2009

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Even a rider of the apocalypse needs warm hands.

I am sick, but I have mittens!

Pattern: Basic Pattern for Children’s Mittens (Rav link)
Yarn: Cascade 220 in a lovely shade of “Plain Red”
Needles: US 4 for the ribbing, US 5 for the body
Size: Small (child 4-6)
Started: 12-15-08
Finished: 1-7-09
Mods: None. Simple and lovely basic mitten pattern. I chose it because it was simple and lovely and had a thumb gusset.  Not pictured is the Idiot string I attached to the two mittens.  I don’t want these little buggers getting lost and stepped on and dropped on the floor of Daddy’s car.

See, this is what a mitten looks like

I have mittens!

This girl has gotten us all sick again.  I took to calling her Typhoid Ladybug (but hubby didn’t get it.)  We’re all hacking and coughing and today she’s running a fever too high for her to go to preschool.

ETA:  Got the yarn ready for my next project!  Ooh la la, I love my new ball winder!

My first yarn cake!