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All is explained November 26, 2007

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So, my obsession with reading continues:  5 books in 5 weeks.  Reading makes me forget my ever-present almost-nausea all-day-morning-sickness-is-a-misnomer.

Yup, I’m due on June 5.  (For those of you counting, that means I’m 12 weeks along.)

For some reason, all things knitting related (yarn, needles, blogs) make my stomach hurt.  Plus I’m exhausted all the time.  This whole pregnancy thing is harder when you’ve got an almost 3 year old to take care of. 

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving full of Bears and Mizzou wins, just like I did.  Look out, Chanukah is just a week away!


Some stuff November 15, 2007

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My life recently has actually been fairly simple:  Just Don’t Hit The Deer Standing In The Middle Of The Road!

Work has been busy.  I work support for a national electronics retailer, so this time of year is all about fixing the crap they never cared to fix before.  Once Black Friday is over things will calm down.

No new knitting here.  I think the green garter stitch square is too small for  what it will become, so I shall have to frog it when I have the motivation.  Which will be a long time coming, I think.  I’m into Voyager now.


Getting better November 1, 2007

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Things are starting to calm down here in the great Midwest.  Didn’t I tell you that October was evil?

I’ll get some Ladybug pics up soon so you can see her in her Minnie glory.  She just loved her first trick-or-treating!

In the past two weeks, the only knitting I did was one lovely green garter stitch square.  Not much for content, but at least it’s something.  I’ve been big into books instead.  I decided to reread Outlander, and, well, you can’t just reread Outlander, you have to reread the others too.  I’m only a third of the way into Dragonfly now.

That’s pretty much it.  Can you believe that Black Friday is only 3 weeks away?