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Going Green on the Weekends November 5, 2008

Filed under: knitting,Pigeon,WIP — Emily @ 9:05 am

It’s amazing to me how quickly I went from being Cloth-Diapering-Curious to buying Prefolds and covers and Snappis.

It all started with exploding poops.  Poops that could not be contained by some mere mortal disposable diaper.

Then it went to a red unhappy bottom.

So we tried some pocket diapers.  They work great, but to get a supply that would work for us for even just the weekend only, we would need to spend oodles and oodles of money (they’re around $20 each, and just think about how many diapers a 5 month old uses in a day [yes, she’s 5 months old today!]).

Of course, Pigeon’s day care providers aren’t able to handle CDing (yeah, I’m already picking up the jargon and abbreviations used in the CDing crowd) so she’s still using her Pampers there.  And still having diaper blow-outs.

Why would I mention all of this on a knitting blog?  Well, because I added a new WIP to the mix.  (We’ll not discuss how this little monogamous knitter has 4 projects going right now.)  I’m using my Artful Yarns Shakespeare that I won in a contest a while ago.


I am imagining that this is what knitting with roving is like.  There’s very little twist in the yarn, but it’s very enjoyable to knit with.  Plus, you’ve gotta love knitting with bulky yarns!  I think I’m already  halfway done with the soaker.


2 Responses to “Going Green on the Weekends”

  1. kelly Says:

    Ah yes. The projectile pooper. Yeesh. The worst one I fielded was in a Harris Teeter shopping cart. I had to go back in the store to buy stuff to clean it with.

    This is not a new WiP. This is a doggone necessity.

  2. lisa Says:

    What a great project for that ball of yarn! (I think they think it’s a worsted… but you know, however it knits up for you is what it really ends up being)

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