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Totally Worth It March 31, 2009

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Skeined, washed, and dried.



So pretty. Such a bear on size 9 (5.5mm) needles!


Coordinating Socks March 27, 2009

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Two FO’s for the price of one!


Pattern: Flutter-By Sock(s)  (Rav)
Yarn: KPPPM p408
Needles: US 0, 2mm DPNs
Started: October 2007
Finished: March 13, 2009

Mods: None, really. I just did my star toe instead of a wedge.


Pattern: Daisy Sock(s)  (Rav)
Same yarn, needles
Started: March 13, 2009
Finished: March 26, 2009

Mods:  Started out with the 64 stitch CO, but decreased down to 60 stitches.  Probably should have decreased sooner.

The real color is somewhere between these two – the first picture is too blue, and the second is too pink.  But I couldn’t go outside to take pictures because it’s too cold!  It’s mitten weather again!  The forecast is for 12″ of snow tomorrow.


Get Thee Behind Me, Murphy! March 26, 2009

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In an effort to reskein two cakes of yarn for washing, I have had the following happen.

  1. The swift came unlocked and the half wound skein fell off onto the table.
  2. The second cake flew off the ballwinder onto the floor.

To rid myself of the first problem, I came up with a nice little solution.

Yarn is Grignasco MerinoSilk

That’s probably the smartest thing I’ve done all week.  The dumbest?  Well, no one’s died or fallen off the balcony, so I’m going to go with winding that second cake onto the ball winder with no added tension cutting myself with some aluminum foil.   (The second smartest thing was pulling up a chair to the swift.  My back thanks me.)

Nothing genius was required to fix the second problem, I just rewound the cake on the winder with some tension.  I think that makes 4 times I rewound these two cakes?


Movin’ On to Spring March 18, 2009

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Pattern: Chevalier Mittens (Rav)
Yarn: Cascade 220
Needles: US 4 for the very bottom ribbing, US 5 for the rest
Size: I did the chart straight up, no adding or subtracting rows
Started: February 4, 2009
Finished: Well, the knitting was done on March 12, but they didn’t dry until the 14th.

Mods: The only thing I did differently, and I only did it near the top of the first mitten and the whole second mitten, was to try to pay attention to the row that came after during the cable crosses. I can tell on the first mitten, when I just knit all stitches on the cable crosses, that the reverse stockinette looks, well, not very nice. Stretched out a bit.  But you can only see it if you’re looking closely at the mittens, and hardly at all in the pictures.  

So I’m ready now for it to snow in April.



While Waiting March 13, 2009

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My mittens are done!  However, they’re still wet – 24 hours after I washed them.  I was hoping to take pictures and do the FO post today.

So instead, I started a sock.  Technically, it’s the second sock of a pair, but, well, these socks are going to coordinate instead of match.

I’m using this:


That goes with this:

Flutter-By sock for Maggie

And making this.  (No pictures yet, it’s just a cuff at the moment.)

Of course, the big news for today is that it’s the last day of my employment with my current company.  I did support work for Circuit City, and in case you hadn’t heard, they went bankrupt.  I stayed on and helped close down my stores, but now my company doesn’t need me.  I’m lucky; I get a severance package and with the COBRA subsidy we can at least consider affording it.  I’ve got a good job prospect IF they decide they’re going to fill the position (grr, government jobs with their waffling on whether or not it’s a total hiring freeze or if they can give the go ahead they already gave.)

So don’t cry for me yet.  I’m choosing to be somewhat optimistic – there’s lots of time to knit and fill out applications during the day.


Done, but not March 4, 2009

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I’m at that point where I’m mentally done with my Chevalier mittens.  So tired of the cabling.  Tired of the red yarn.  Done done done.  But they’re not.  I still have half a mitten to go.  I probably missed the last snowfall of the winter.  They would have been great for our snowball fight on Saturday.

So today I procrastinated by winding yarn.  I had to wind up a second hank of the Cascade for the mitten (same yarn as Ladybug’s mittens, dontcha know) so I wound up the second hank of KPPPM for the Flutterby socks and recaked some laceweight that I’m planning on using for the Cardi Cozy.  

So instead of depressing everyone with talk of being sick of my knitting, and why I’m not going to cast on 4 different things right now (couldn’t find a pattern worthy of the Manos Silk.  Didn’t want a scarf.  I’m just picky, I guess.), I shall discuss someone else’s crafting.

Michelle.  She’s made stuff recently for my girls, but she also made a couple things for Ladybug a long while ago that I shall talk about.


I don’t really know when this picture was taken (I put the date into Flickr that I thought was close enough).  I don’t know what yarn she used, and it’s not on her Ravelry project page.  But Ladybug wore the heck out of the hat that Spring/Summer/Fall, until she outgrew it and it was put into the hat basket.  Pidge wore it a lot this fall, until the weather got too cool.  I remember watching Michelle freeform crochet the flower onto the hat.


A pair of baby booties, given to us at the same time.  Ladybug also wore these until she started wanting to walk, and then they were put away.  We didn’t get any pictures of her wearing them, and unfortunately, Pidge won’t be able to.  I was a big FAIL when I put these away.  They ended up in the box of 9-12 month clothes, and were in the basement all this time (I hunted and hunted for them, but only found them when Pidge got the clothes upgrade.) and something made lunch of them.  You can kind of see on the right bootie near the toe, but there are more spots.  I feel like such a schmuck.  

See, I managed to not knit the mittens some more!  So now I can go cut up some potatoes (interestingly, for a red potato recipe that I learned from Michelle.  Small world.) and get ready to go pick up the girls for another evening at home.