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Motivation? December 15, 2009

Filed under: knitting,Ladybug,Pigeon,WIP — Emily @ 9:34 am

Yes, another long absence.  No, I don’t have an excuse.

I’m hitting another of those blog ennui stretches — you know the kind — where I just don’t feel like blogging.  Taking pictures is a hassle, sitting at the computer is so passé (probably because I sit at a computer at work all the time now), and of course it’s Chanukah and Christmas time, so my 3 hours of free time in the morning are full of shopping and wrapping and decorating and very little knitting.

But I did finish my fingerless mitts, and they are warm and wonderful.  I wear them at work where it is chilly most of the time, and I have gotten many a compliment on them.  So far, they  haven’t been stolen from my desk and I expect that they won’t, given the great folks who are my coworkers.

Up next on the knitting docket is a scarf for Ladybug, who picked out the yarn herself at Michaels one day.  I’m just doing a simple feather and fan, one repeat sort of situation.


The yarn is classified as a bulky so it’s moving rather quickly, even though I had to rip it out once and Pigeon pulled the needle out another time.

Speaking of the girls, they’re having a ball right now.  Presents every night?  Awesome!


So that’s all there is.  How about you?