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Airy Fairy Fiddly Fie May 26, 2010

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She’s done!

Airy fairy with my finger

Pattern: Airy Fairy from Knitted Toys by Zoe Mellor
Needles: US 4 dpns
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease
Started: (Hell if I remember, thank goodness I put it in Ravelry) March 17th, 2010
Finished: TODAY!!! (Uh, today is May 25th, right?)
Mods: Knit this baby in the round.

I started at the feet, knitting the jogless stripes method where you slip the first stitch of the second row of a new color. (Techknitter explains it better here.)

Airy Fairy no jog stripes

The knitting itself was no big deal. Finishing was the hard part. There’s the embroidery on the face, which I think I made a total of 4 mouths before I was satisfied. And of course there was cutting all of those 9″ pieces for the hair, and figuring out how to sew them on. (The instructions were quite lacking. I’m paraphrasing here, but they’re basically “Sew the hair on the doll at the part.)

Airy Fairy face

And then the penultimate step is what took me so long – the skirt. (I have a very valid reason, though!) The fabric was wrapped around some flowers that someone received as a bouquet. I’m sure I made a horrible decision using it, but I don’t care right now. Here again the instructions were less than wonderful. “Cut out a skirt and sew it around the dolls $@##%! waist.” (Another paraphrase.) Somehow I lucked into figuring out that the example skirt had gathers in it.

Airy Fairy skirt gathers and armpit

Here’s where we had a lull in progress and this happened. (I couldn’t even watch this video without getting squeemish. Beware.)

And then I put the ribbon on top of the skirt, tacked the wings on, and called it a day.

Airy Fairy backside

Ladybug hasn’t seen it finished yet. I hope this was worth it!