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A Game of Catch-Up February 22, 2008

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I’ve gotten rather blog-lazy recently.  It seems I would just rather sit and knit than take pictures of my knitting; I think it somewhat stems from the craptastic flash pictures that I have to take in this weather.  Anyways, here we go!


First up is a detail shot of the finished taggie blanket. It’s been washed and everything! I did notice that some of the dye from the flannel backing bled into the fabric front, which makes me sad. Is it protocol to wash fabrics before sewing?


Here’s a shot of the fabric. Ladybug loves it (too bad, sweetie!)


And my progress on the HBB. I’m not sick of it yet, but it is getting a little large to be carrying around, so….


Rainbow barf toddler sock. 44 stitches around makes for quick knitting; I started this one yesterday noonish because Ladybug and I were home due to the ice storm. I’m about ready to kitchener, once I refresh my memory on how to do it.


Three cheers for not congestive heart failure! February 12, 2008

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Aunt is finally home from the hospital.  Thanks to a faulty portable X-Ray machine, there was concern that she was experiencing some lovely congestive heart failure.  Thankfully not; the big one said she was OK, just retaining a little fluid around the heart that meds should help take care of.

Yesterday, Lisa asked what my lovely blob of fabric is.  For posterity, it is a homemade version of the ever-adorable Taggie blanket.  It’s crazy easy to make one (I found a tutorial on Craftster), and after my experience with Ladybug, I know the new kiddo (I’m thinking of calling her Pigeon on the blog) will totally enjoy all those tags.

By the way, the blanket is rather large, but I like my baby blankets to be ample.  I used a whole yard of fabric.


Photographic Evidence February 11, 2008

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New, non-evil, functioning doorknob


New, non-evil or possessed, garage door opener

In progress.

Taggie's innards

Amorphous blob, aka taggie

Feline assistance

I will try to severely limit the house talk from now on.  I know it’s boring to most people, but I think I should remark upon the doorknob briefly. It jammed up completely and had to be replaced. Hammers were used in the process, as well as many curse words.

(BTW, the camera was in hubby’s car.)


Ah, Retail Therapy February 8, 2008

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I got bit by the Taggie Blanket bug.  “Those look so easy to make,” says I.  “I shall go spend my JoAnns giftcard on fabric and ribbon and oooooh a rotary cutter and I shall make a blanket.”

So right now I’m stalled on winding the bobbins.  Mommy has to do that on her machine because it doesn’t work on mine.  I’ve almost got it all pinned and ready to be sewn, though.

My brain needed this new obsession.  I’ve been so mentally strung up on selling the house and the house falling apart around us that I needed something else on my mind.  I bought enough fabric to make some smaller Taggie toys/burpcloths/etc plus the blanket, so I think I can keep busy for a while.

And a quickie update on the Hypothetical Baby Blanket.  I’m over halfway done on block 5.  I really like these blocks of only 18 garter ridges.

Well, there were going to be pictures of everything, but the digital camera has disappeared.  Spiffy.


I hate to say it February 6, 2008

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I’m just so grumpy and moody right now.  Garage door issues persist; there may be some adjustment needed in the “down force” factor.  We looked at houses last weekend, because with 3 showings last week we got our hopes up.  Nope, we didn’t get any offers.

And it doesn’t help that I woke up at 4am this morning to Ladybug crying.  She’d had a BM in the middle of the night and it was hurting her bum.  She wouldn’t go back to sleep in her bed, so she climbed in with us and then proceeded to talk to the cats for an hour.

I don’t like being mopey! 

Oh well, I guess I should go install this switch for work.  Then I can dissolve my cares in some soothing garter stitch (in blue, yippie!).


What next? February 1, 2008

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House, if you truly are a sentient being trying to prevent us from selling you, then please grow an additional 500 square feet before you start falling apart.  Really!  The chair scratching the Pergo floor was annoying but fairly insignificant, but we really do need that garage door opener.  Well, we really need it to open ONLY when we push the button, not randomly at night.

And Murphy, you can get lost and take your law with you.