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Mother Nature, Homicidal? May 2, 2008

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She missed us again.  She’s been trying to get us with ice storms, earthquakes, and now more tornadoes and 80 mph winds.

We’re all OK here.  Not in the best of moods, but alive.


Random photo on flickr April 11, 2008

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Since the image is not mine, linking will have to suffice.

Would we have allowed….


Hello, it’s going to be a random Wednesday August 1, 2007

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Have you seen the Drunken Bees sock pattern?  Apparently bees are all the rage right now!

Annie comes back from the Vet today.  No worries, folks.  We had to get her declawed (front only.)  We tried for three years to get her to stop clawing the furniture, but nothing worked.  We paid extra for the laser treatment, so she should heal very quickly and her pain minimized.  Our two older cats had the same procedure done 5 years ago, and everything has been just fine with them.

Our neighbors are moving.  I suppose that’s not all that unusual, but they never put up a for sale sign.  I’m worried that they might have been a victim of the sub-prime market collapse.  They’re nice people; not perfect neighbors (2 loud barking dogs and lots of toys strewn about the yard) and Anna really likes their 5 year old son.  I haven’t had a chance to chat with either of them, though.  The summer heat has kept all of us indoors most of the time.

I have found a wonderful summer alcoholic beverage.  Oh god, that website is horrible, but the drink is tasty.  I’m sure a real Mojito is better, but I’ll survive with the malt beverage substitute for now.

There has been another local case of people trying to steal an unborn baby.  Scary.  There was another instance of this happening in 2004, when I was pregnant with Anna. 

So that’s life.  I’m into the second pattern repeat on the Embossed Leaves socks.  I have no hopes of them photographing well, but I love how they’re turning out.


All wet May 7, 2007

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Super Rainy

It’s been raining almost non-stop since Sunday morning, and the news folks have already invoked the memory of “The Flood of ’93”.  Last I saw we had over 5″ of rain.

Luckily we mowed on Saturday.  And then frolicked in a sprinkler. 

But did I knit?  Of course not! 


Sometimes capitalism sucks March 29, 2007

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I used to work for a national retail company who yesterday announced they were laying off around 3400 workers who were making too much money working for them.  I have some good friends who were affected by these layoffs; one girl who just had a baby in January and was scheduled to return to work from her maternity leave today got called in yesterday morning just so they could fire her.  Another friend had been with the company for over 12 years. 

I hope the CEO enjoys his new yacht.


$146,000 tax break? February 26, 2007

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I’m going to try to stay as apolitical here as I can.  However, is it right that Paris Hilton (OK, she’s a random rich person, she’s not named in the story) gets a $146,000 tax break but states can’t afford to pay for insurance for poor children because the federal government is cutting their funds?

In knitting news, I’m still cranking away on the BFF socks. I’ve got one or two more cable crosses to do and then 2″ of 2×2 ribbing. I actually got a bit of knitting time this weekend! We rented Man of the Year, and let me say, NOT what I expected. It had it’s funny moments, but from the previews I expected it to be about the wacky hijinks of a comedian elected to the presidency. Nope. It’s actually a conspiracy movie! But it was good for providing me with a little socky love. Same with the Oscars, and Dresden Files.

Curses, I guess I should get back to work.


Hey, what’s the 2111? February 16, 2007

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Apparently, I’ve been eating some possibly salmonella infected peanut butter for quite a while now.

Not much in knitting news today. I started the second BFF sock, which I told you about, but then I had to rip a few rows when I realized that I just couldn’t start a round with purl stitches. You see, I was trying to mirror the first sock, in which the foot patterning ended on 2 purls.

My purls are way too loose. I’m working on it.

I had to travel yesterday for work; a lovely 3.5 hour drive through the Flint Hills of Kansas. It’s beautiful but boring. And I haven’t yet mastered driving and knitting at the same time.