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More Sensible July 26, 2009

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But sensible and practical doesn’t mean ugly!


They’re purple. I know it’s hard to tell. I was looking for a nice metallic neutral, but found deep amethyst purple. I couldn’t say no! (And they were on sale, to boot!)


Pattern: Ten Stitch Blanket, minimized to dishcloth size
Yarn: Lily Sugar ‘n Cream stripes (blues and white) and solid (yellow), leftover from the Ballband dishcloth


Pattern: Grandmother’s Favorite
Yarn: Lily Sugar ‘n Cream solid

These took me less than 2 days each.  I can’t help but say, I love dishcloth knitting.  I haven’t quite hit the saturation point to where I don’t need any more nice hand-knit dishcloths – I suppose I’ll get there when I throw out all the old crappy Wal-Mart ones and the drawer still overflows.  And even then, looking at Mom’s dishcloths, I think I’ll still have a recipient when I feel the need to make another one.  (And I will.  Oh yes, I will.  I love a pattern where I can just grab the yarn and get to it, without looking at anything as a reference first.)


They are a pair July 22, 2009

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As you may recall, I previously finished test knitting the Calvin sock for Turtlegirl.  Well, I’m back with his buddy, Ripple.


This time using a top-down construction that also uses the riverbed architecture.  The pattern on the front is made up of knits and purls, giving a nice wavy effect and it also plays very nicely with the hand-painted yarns.


See?  (As always with Flickr, click for bigger.)

And you totally can’t tell them apart from their backsides.


Just like their namesakes.


What I’ve been up to July 9, 2009

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I just have to say that this is my foot, and I’m making it arch like that. Fun photoshoot.

It’s a forthcoming pattern from Turtlegirl – the Calvin sock. I test knit the smallest size for her. I’ve got to say, I really love the slip stitch pattern; the variegated yarn just sings instead of falling flat.

The yarn is Cider Moon Icicle in Avocado.  I’m very sad it’s no longer available!

More pictures:

calvin slip stitch
Can you tell I was having fun with Photoshop filters?

See how pretty the slip stitch is? It’s so very easy, too. The garter border makes it easy to keep track of your rows, and I love that it starts right at the tip of the toe.


The sock uses the riverbed sockitecture. Very interesting; it makes a nice deep heel pocket and for a girl like me with a narrow foot but a high instep, it works very well.


Happy Independence Day! July 4, 2009

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Happy 4th of July

Lady Liberty?

Stay safe out there!  And please be considerate of any neighbors who have small children who don’t like loud booms in the middle of the night!