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March is for… March 14, 2008

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You guessed it: REID!!!

Reid being worn 2

Pattern: Reid (Rav link here)
Size: 4
Yarn: MC Patons Grace Viola, CC Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy Deepest Purple
Needles: El Cheapo crappo size 2 aluminum circs and very nice Addi Lace size 2 (but a different size 2), also one crochet hook at 2.10mm.
Button: Something I picked up at JoAnn’s
Mods: None.
Started: October 2006
Finished: March 13, 2008

Slightly blurry but correct color Reid

Reid had a lot of firsts for me:  first lace, first seams, first sweater, first fancy crochet edging.  Oh yeah, first button. 

Reid button and edging

So about those needles.  I knit the back and started one of the fronts with the Cheapo Crappo (I think they were Plymouth Speedway aluminum) needles.  The join was terrible – like a stairstep that would catch every single YO.  That needle has become Ladybug’s toy.  I upgraded to the Addi Lace one day when I just couldn’t stand it.  I didn’t think there would be a difference in size.  As I recall, the Addi was .25mm larger than the other needle.  Oh well!

Let me just say that the Hempathy is not fun to crochet with.  (I don’t know all the technical terms, but) it was made up of two main plies, each ply consisting of multiple other plies.  I had to be very careful to catch both main plies every time.  I did get better at it as I went along, so some of my problems could have been beginner issues.

Yes, the sweater is big.  It’s not too big, though.  Ladybug should be able to wear it this Fall and maybe next Spring, too.  If she will ever allow me to put it on her.  I had to bribe her to put it on this morning.  She’s not a sweater girl.  She will not be getting another hand-knit sweater until that changes.


Only 9 more ends to weave in March 7, 2008

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On what project?


How to “sew shoulder seams” September 13, 2007

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Step 1.  Get really excited that you have 40 minutes to yourself to start the process.

Step 2.  Pin shoulders together and be very grateful that you do in fact have the right number of stitches.  Pat yourself on the back for your counting prowess.

Step 3.  Climb on a chair to take a picture.


Step 4.  Start carefully reading directions in Stitch ‘n Bitch.  Don’t like them.  Get Domiknitrix book.  No help either.

Step 5.  Decide to wing something like a mattress stitch.

Step 6.  Work about an inch.  Rip it out because it looks awful.

Step 7.  Try another semi-mattress stitch.

Step 8.  Rip again.

Step 9.  Look at clock.  The 40 minutes are gone.  Quickly lay all the pieces of the cardigan out on the table to see how they’ll look when they are together.

Step 10.  Take a crappy picture.

Distractionary tactic

Step 11.  Leave house to pick up daughter, grumbling to yourself about how you can do all these wonderful amazing things, like Kitchener, and HEEEEEEYYYYY. 

Step 12.  Think about undoing the bind-off and kitchenering or doing a 3 needle bind-off the entire 20 minute drive to pick up daughter.  Bemoan the lack of Internet in the car.

(much later)

Step 13.  Start picking out the bind-off for one of the front pieces.  Piss off husband, who wants to work on the NYTimes Saturday crossword.

Step 14.  Get half the crossword done, hand it to husband with the agreement that if he gets anything else, I will stop unknitting.

Step 15.  Go to bed with slightly cranky husband.  Utter the words that are most likely to get him to stop being mad:  “I’m not wearing underwear.”


Let the seaming begin! September 11, 2007

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I was able to finish the last sleeve and dunk all the pieces in water yesterday.  They dried overnight.  I might be able to work up the shoulder seams tonight.

I also took all of Hubby’s measurements and cast on for the first ever Husband Sock.  I am such a lucky knitter; his foot has only a 9″ circumference and is only 9 3/4″ long.  And he has skinny calves (because he used to be a track guy.)  At 7 spi, I cast on for a 60 stitch sock (size 2.25mm needles!).  How awesome is that?

Now my only decision is whether I should do the whole leg in 2×2 rib, or if I should just do a cuff, and stockinette for the rest.  I’m leaning toward the stockinette option right now. 

And of course I don’t have pictures, and even if I did they would be horrible.  I’m using Mountain Colors Bearfoot, colorway Larkspur, which is as close to the Plaid colorway of my Embossed Leaves socks as I could find. 


Keepin’ it spoiler free July 24, 2007

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Yup, I finished Deathly Hallows.

I liked it.  Yessiree, I did.  Some of what I expected was right, and some was wrong.  I liked how J.K. Rowling worked out the final confrontation.

The Epilogue was OK.  It helps to remember that this book is for kids, so I shouldn’t expect an in-detail analysis of the fallout after the final events in the main story.

If you want to talk specifics about it, leave a comment saying so, but don’t discuss the specifics in the comment.  I’ll email you back and we can do it there.  I will delete any spoilers I see (but it may take me a while to see them, so please be careful!)

I finished the book too late last night to have time to cast on for the first of Reid’s sleeves, and I’m traveling today so I don’t expect to get anything started tonight.  I suppose I could get lucky and get home at a decent hour.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how I was able to find time to read so much yesterday, well, Anna’s on vacation.  She’s spending 3 days at a little resort for members of the MSTA with my Aunt and Uncle.  So far she’s doing well, and I only cried a little bit watching her leave!


Evil character, evil behavior July 20, 2007

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Some people are (unintentionally) making me feel very guilty about starting Bellatrix instead of working on Reid.  And to top it all off, the varigated yarn is not behaving as I thought it would.  We know how much I dislike flashing/pooling, right?  Maybe, just maybe, I could work on two projects at once. 

It’s not like you expect a lot of speed from me, anyways.


I don’t have pictures of knitting July 17, 2007

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em bec aaron

That’s me on the left in the grey and pink shirt. The others are my sister and brother.  I clearly do not have good posture!

I’m going to get another picture of family uploaded hopefully tonight.

Things have been crazy-hectic here, and they’re not going to get better for another couple of weeks.  The two new stores that are opening up are both having their Grand Opening parties on Thursday night, and then I just have to catch up on all the backed up work that was put off for these two new stores.

I have found moments to knit, so my second Pomatomus is almost done.  I just have a few more rows on the toe! 

After these socks I’m going to go back to Anna’s Reid.   I need to make the sleeves.  I can’t decide if I should knit them flat, as written, or convert them to knitting in the round.  If I did I’d probably want to go up a needle size or two, and I know that I would need to omit the selvedge stitch that’s included in the chart for knitting flat.  Opinions?

(Really, it’s only because I’ve never seamed a garment before.  Ok, I’ve never seamed anything before.  What if my mattress stitch looks awful?)