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While we wait for pictures to be uploaded…. August 1, 2012

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I have finished something else.  (I know, twice in the same month!  I really was motivated to get the finished product with this one.)  I’ll get the pictures uploaded soon, but until then, I’ve been having fun searching the patterns in Ravelry.  You may notice a theme….

Mashen’ka – this little dress is right up both of my girls’ alleys.  The contrast color really makes it.

Phoebe’s Party Dress – Tres Adorbs.  Too bad the book is so hard to find, because this is perfect.

Maxi Top/Dress – Lots of Ravellers can’t be wrong.  This is a very popular girl’s dress pattern.

Flora Dress – The pattern pictures are a little misleading, but if you look at other finished products you can see how great this looks with the right yarn.

Sweet Bluebells – This would be totally cute as a top.

Shades of Summer Dress – Another adorable dress.  A lot of these dress patterns seem to be similarish.

Anthro Inspired Scarflet – I threw this one in here to confuse you.  Actually, I like it and could see it for Ladybug, who doesn’t like scarves that get really tight around her neck.

Paint Me a Sweater – Very trendy dolman sleeved fall sweater.  Ladybug and Pigeon would both love it.  One in purple, one in pink.

Tabitha – I’m always on the lookout for things to do with leftovers!  Plus, we’re a cat household.

Wonder Wave – A very useful looking short sleeved sweater that comes in a great range of sizes.  I like that it’s not just stockinette.

Hello Kitty Hat – I’ll probably knit this one soon.  Ladybug is exactly the right age for it.

Daisy Chain – The embroidery makes this little cardigan.  Not sure if I’ll ever make it specifically, but might look to the embroidery directions for a future project.  (I like it in 1 color like the project picture.)

Houndstooth Check Mittens – I love my Chevalier mittens, but stranded mittens would be even warmer….

Twirly Girly Skirt – The name says it all.  (Actually, would be nice if it had larger sizes, but it would be easy to size up.)

Ramona Racerback Tank – Not so girly, but I really like the style of it.  Can be dressed up or down.  It seems like this Knitting in the Sun book might have some good patterns!


Decisions and Distractions March 9, 2012

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I have decided that the hem will have to be ripped out.  I only had to knit 3 rows of the neckline to figure that out.

I have decided that I really dislike purl 3 together through the back leg.  But I’m an adult and it doesn’t do any good to complain.  It may slow down my progress, though.

I have decided that I know who is getting the Moderne Baby Blanket I knit way back in 2008-2009.  One of my best friends from college is having her first baby (a boy, due in July)!  So any stalkers out there now know why I’m searching through the baby patterns on Ravelry and picking up 5 baby pattern books at the library.  Right now my top to-knit choices are the Duck Feet and the Modernist Stripe Sleep Sacque (and awesomely, I picked up the book this pattern is in for $7 at Tuesday Morning one time).  And I’m trying to choose a toy to knit, as well.  I’m thinking one of the stuffed balls or stars that are out there.  I own Zoe Mellor’s Knitted Toys, and I picked up Rebecca Danger’s Big Book of Knitted Monsters at the library, so I may go a little overboard for this baby.  Too bad baby is going to be born in Germany! Ayyyy!, the shipping.

Why so overboard?  Remember this?

Ladybug in hand-knit outfit

And this?


Yup.  She’s a knitter, too.


Things that are not socks August 15, 2007

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I like to think big.  I like to think about what I am going to do next, when clearly I still have weeks until I’ll be able to start the next thing.  In the intervening weeks, of course, new patterns become available and get my attention. 

But right now, I have 3 sweaters’ worth of yarn.  I want to think about that.  (Let’s not think about the cough20+cough future socks I have stashed away.  I am thinking sweaters right now.)  (Also, I am sorry that I surprised you with more yarn.  I hit that sale again.  I am weak.)

I am thinking top-down raglan, because I do not like seams.  They are scary.

Right now I am thinking Sahara, Wicked, or the Simple Knitted Bodice.  All worsted weight, because that’s what I have.  All long-sleeved, because I do not think short sleeves and wool (Cascade 220) go well together in my climate and living environment.

I am not a skinny girl, but I have curves in the right spots and a waist separating them.  I need something that does not make me look like a sack of potatoes. 

I also want something that is mainly stockinette, but has some interest to it as well.  I don’t mind paying for a pattern, but I’d rather not buy a whole book for just one pattern.  I could check it out at the library, though.

I’m also not afraid of a little math.  If there’s a great pattern out there that just needs a little tweaking to be right for me, I can do it. 

Whaddya think?  I’m open to suggestions, opinions, verdicts, voting, scorn etc.


Let your mouse do the walking August 14, 2007

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Baby blanket pattern found through random clicking.  Very cute.  Lots of customizability available.  Really, I’m just linking it so I can find it later.