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International Leave a Comment Day October 31, 2008

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I am a very bad person.  Out of all of the blogs I read, I regularly comment on only 2 or 3.  I have decided to have an International* Leave a Comment Day on Wednesday, November 12, where I swear I will leave a comment if I visit your blog that day.

My rules:

  • Instead of just reading through Google Reader, I will click through to read and comment.
  • Certain blogs are excluded – anything in the Manolosphere, the LOLverse, and the like.
  • I chose November 12 hopefully to avoid any political talk.  If the blog talks about political stuff, it’s my choice whether I want to comment on it or not.
  • Please understand that I generally do most of my blog reading while I am pumping.  I cannot guarantee that I will capitalize any letters or use correct punctuation.
  • If for some reason, on November 12, I am at a location where I cannot read blogs or access Flickr, ILAC Day will be delayed until November 19.

I hope that, for me, this exercise will get me to participate more in the blogs that I enjoy.

Oh look, cute kid picture!
Ladybug and Pigeon

*I read some Canadian blogs, duh.


Minor accomplishments October 27, 2008

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We carved the pumpkin yesterday.  No fingers were lost.

I got to sleep from midnight to 4:30am.  (OK, we caved and got Pigeon a pacifier.  She’d been using one at daycare and it has made a huge difference!)

I managed to wash and put away all the clothes.  

I took some pictures AND uploaded them to flickr.

We learned that Pigeon doesn’t like it when Ladybug’s not around.  

I turned 23 for the 8th time.  (Birthday present!)

Happy pictures:

Rainbow barf swirly socks

Do you like my ghetto lightbox?  It’s the high chair tray.

STR HW Mustang Sally

Let me hold her

Ladybug's new boots


Minor failures

I dripped toothpaste on my shirt this morning.

Most of the pictures of Ladybug’s swirly socks were just terrible!

See how hard it is to take a picture of these?


Say Awwwwww. October 20, 2008

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Pidge in pants


Pattern: Baby Bell Bottoms by Alison Hansel (Ravelry link)
Yarn: KPPPM in P338, dubbed Pumpkin, purchased at Personal Threads in Omaha (home of the giant wall of Koigu.)
Size: 6-12 months (modified to be more of a 6-9 month size)
Needles: Size 4 dpns for the legs, size 4 16″ circ for the hips
Mods: Well, I knit the legs in the round, dropping the cast on number by 2 to compensate for the seams. I also knit these in a fingering weight yarn with a stitch gauge of 6 stitches per inch to try to make them the smaller size. I think it worked out OK, although they may be smaller than I intended.  I also used an I-Cord for the tie, because I didn’t like the other options.

I also didn’t follow the directions for finishing the hem.   Instead of binding off and then sewing, I folded the hem over and bound off with the coordinating stitch, eliminating the sewing part.  I bound off by picking up the purl bump, knitting it together with the live stitch, and then inserting the left needle into the two stitches to be bound off as if to do a SSK and knitting those together.  It’s the same method I used for toe up socks, and it’s very stretchy.


Sorry the picture of it is so blurry. It was a cloudy day.

Now, I admit that when these pictures were taken, the pants hadn’t touched a drop of water.  They’ve now been washed, and I think they’ve grown some.  

I didn’t have time to wash them before Pidge and I went to see the Yarn Harlot.

Book Signing

She liked the pants.  Even though they were covered in spit-up.  (But then again, so was I.  I reeked.  Great evening.)

There’s been a lot more happening around here, and I’m just barely keeping up with it all.  Folks sick, folks divorcing, folks visiting, folks calling, folks celebrating birthdays….  It’s just been busy.  I’ve found some time to cast on another pair of rainbow barf socks for Ladybug.  They’ll be nice and quick, I’m sure.


Followup October 8, 2008

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That nose-sucker?  A-MAZE-ING.  And also very gross.


House of Snot October 7, 2008

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We are in the midst of an Upper Respiratory Infection Infestation.  Ladybug probably brought it into the house; she’s almost fully recovered.  Poor Pigeon has so much mucus, and she HATES that bulb nasal aspirator.  I went ahead and splurged on the fancy-pants aspirator at Babies R Us today – we’ll see if she likes it better.  Or if it works better.

I’ve been furiously knitting on the Baby Bells.  See?

Pants Prone on Printer

I’ve already purled the turning row, so I’ve got all of 6 rows to knit and the finishing to do. 

Guess what?  I’m knitting combination-style now.  I never really understood why someone would choose to knit combination (other than having been taught that way), but then I saw Annie Modesitt‘s episode of Knitty Gritty (Oh how I love thee, my DVR).  My purls have always been looser than my knits, and this combination knitting has really helped tighten them up.  I still need practice to speed the purling up, though. 

I tried to take a picture of my bad toenail to give everyone an update, but it just didn’t turn out and even Photoshop couldn’t save it.  I finally went to a Podiatrist and he trimmed the nail down and stuff.  He even used a Dremel on it!  I was almost hoping he’d remove the nail.  Maybe when I go back in 2 weeks.

Well, now I’ve got to get these pants finished if I want Pigeon to wear them to visit the Harlot next week.