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Home Again Home Again, Jiggity Jig May 22, 2009

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Hubby’s Grandpa passed away last week, more than a month after his heart attack (when the doctors gave him on average a week to live.)  We zipped on up to Chicago for the funeral and family togetherness.  I brought some knitting ripping knitting and ripping to do, but didn’t have much time to get it to a very photo-worthy point.  Maybe next week, my friends.

So instead of knitting, I bring you kids playing at Millennium Park.


OMG Momma, water!

Self portrait of the family as reflected on the inside of the Bean

We saw one of Chicago’s famous residents.  (Which, by the way, the Art Institute was free because of the opening of the new modern wing.  We were ecstatic.)
One famous Chicagoian

But none of its famous knitters.

Now, if only it hadn’t taken 10 hours to get there and 13 hours to get home again.


Everything, except I’m sure I forgot something May 6, 2009

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I feel like blogging!

First up – the Monkey socks.  Ripped.  They were spiraling in a way that annoyed me.  The yarn is much happier now as a 60 stitch stockinette sock.  Boring, maybe, but at least I’m satisfied.

Second topic – Ladybug!  She hasn’t made much of an appearance lately on this here blog.  It’s time to remedy that.  She had a little “Spring Tea” concert at preschool last night, and boy was she cute!

A special dance for preschool

Ladybug Dancing

G-R-E-E-N song

They had us all packed into one of the little classrooms, and we got to sit on the teeny tiny preschool chairs.

Thirdly, Hubby is on Facebook and is totally addicted to it.  It’s so cute how thrilled is gets when he finds someone he knows or knew 10 years ago.  But in the pretty cool category, he found a friend from college who lives in the same town as we do, and has two kids close in age to ours.  We met them for dinner on Saturday night!

Finally, my surgery.  I had my gallbladder out on Friday, and now I get to tell you about it!  (Warning, pictures behind the cut.)