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A Grudge February 28, 2007

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AnnievsAddiI love my kitties, really I do. Remember this picture?

Well, I was dutifully weaving in my ends from my BFF socks (pictures to come later), but me being me, I had already cast on my Jaywalkers. The toe was resting gracefully next to me on the couch while I slaved away. I finished, I triumphed, and then I reached for the sock, and I… well… I saw the ball still sitting there, with a strand of yarn stretching away from it. I followed it around the couch, under a box, and into the kitchen, where I saw the culprit. I had no doubt as to who was involved.

The yarn was not shredded, the toe was still intact, the metal needle head was shiny, but the cable… oh, the cable. The cable was what she wanted, and it must have tasted very fine.

It’s still usable; she didn’t chew through it. She just gnawed along its length, leaving pock marks and rough spots as she went. Anyone know the best way to smooth out the cable on a size 0 40″ Addi Turbo?


Inadequate February 27, 2007

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I’m a firm believer in trying new things in knitting.  I’m not scared of knitting, which is probably why I started Reid after only having been a knitter for 6 months.  There is one thing, however, that I am fearful of: weaving in ends. 

I’ve seen Aija’s tutorial on how to weave in ends while knitting, and that seems great for stripes or just adding a new ball in.  But it doesn’t help with the cast-on or cast-off tails!  I hit the knitting section at Borders and found this book, which had all of one page on the subject. I’ve heard it’s a great book, but I didn’t buy it.

I consider myself OK at weaving in the ends when it’s just stockinette stitch; just work it along through the purl bumps. But what about when it’s in a ribbing? Or lace? AAAAAAAHHHH! Why won’t anyone answer that question with a full on in-depth chapter. Do you duplicate stitch? How do you keep that row from being thick and yuck? And then there’s a little bit of tail that sticks out or works its way free.

So yeah, there’s one of my weaknesses.  It hasn’t stopped me from knitting, but it has got me rather afraid of color work.  I’m sure someday I’ll find a way to work away those ends that doesn’t leave me trembling.  Until then, well, I’ll just keep practicing.


I am stronger February 26, 2007

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I am stronger than my desire for a candy bar out of the snack machine.

I am stronger than my desire to click on a huge order of Knitpicks Shine Sport (but just barely).

I am not stronger than my desire to own some SweetGeorgia before she takes her break. 

Oh, that candy bar is so tempting!

I’ve lost 16 pounds since Halloween, but this last week has been rough.  I want all the things I have been denying myself.  It helps to hear that my sister has lost so much weight that she’s down to a size 4-6.  It’s inspiring, although I am a little jealous.  Before Anna was born I weighed in at 145.  I gained 50 pounds with the pregnancy, lost 20 at her birth, and then ate my way back to 195.  I have no delusions that I’ll get into a size 4 pair of pants, but it’d be rather nice to be in my size 10s. 

 So I’m renewing my vows to avoid fast food unless it’s absolutely necessary, and to eat salads as much as possible.  No french fries from McDonalds for me, unless I’m driving and so hungry I can hear my stomach acids start to eat my organs.


$146,000 tax break?

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I’m going to try to stay as apolitical here as I can.  However, is it right that Paris Hilton (OK, she’s a random rich person, she’s not named in the story) gets a $146,000 tax break but states can’t afford to pay for insurance for poor children because the federal government is cutting their funds?

In knitting news, I’m still cranking away on the BFF socks. I’ve got one or two more cable crosses to do and then 2″ of 2×2 ribbing. I actually got a bit of knitting time this weekend! We rented Man of the Year, and let me say, NOT what I expected. It had it’s funny moments, but from the previews I expected it to be about the wacky hijinks of a comedian elected to the presidency. Nope. It’s actually a conspiracy movie! But it was good for providing me with a little socky love. Same with the Oscars, and Dresden Files.

Curses, I guess I should get back to work.


My UFO February 23, 2007

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My one and only UFO.  Knitty’s Reid. I’m making it in Paton’s Grace, color Viola, and to get gauge I have to use size 2 needles.
reid back 01

I’m making it in size 4 because I knew it would take me forever to finish. However, my two year old is already wearing size 3T and some 4T shirts. She’s very long-waisted.
Superbowl Sunday

I just had to take a break from it. It’s my first sweater-like garment, and my first lace. The stitches are not hard to execute or anything, it’s just difficult for me to memorize the pattern (it’s a 16 row repeat). And after I made a mistake all the way across a row, I had to take a break. The back is complete; I think it was the left front that I started that I kept messing up.

So right now Reid is just sitting forlornly in the bottom of my knitting bag. She goes with me everywhere but never gets any action. Someday soon, precious. When I’m not so put off by fiddly knitting.


Aylee’s Back!!

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I’d missed her!


I’m so torn! February 22, 2007

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I’m a good monogamous knitter.  I know I have to finish my BFF socks because I love them and want to wear them.  But my order of Yarn Pirate from The Loopy Ewe came in today, and I want to knit them up right now. I’ve also got some Collinette Jitterbug all wound up ready to go. What’s a girl to do?

By the way, the yarn hadn’t been out of the package for 5 minutes before Wimpy tried to carry it off and love it like it was her own little yarn baby. She did choose the skein that was the closest match to her in color!

Now pardon me while I go stick my nose into the new yarn. (And maybe tomorrow I’ll explain why I’m not really monogamous, I’m just having a very long fling with sock knitting before I get back to the big project that has to be done before the year is over.)