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Life September 28, 2007

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Hubby and I watched the new show Life on NBC on Wednesday night.  Technically, we watched Bionic Woman and since Life came on after and we were too lazy to change the channel, well, we watched the show.

Quick synopsis:  Charlie Crews was a cop who was convicted of a homicide and spent 12 years in a Federal Penitentiary before he was exonerated.  Everyone thought he was guilty.  His wife divorced him pretty quickly after his conviction.

So hubby mentioned that if I was sentenced to life without parole, he would divorce me too.  Even if he knew I was innocent.  He would fight for a couple of years, but that was it.

I was astonished!  He was incredulous that I wouldn’t do the same. 

I think he just doesn’t want to change the cat litter.

What would you do?


Letting my mind wander on I-435 September 26, 2007

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There are a lot of things that I take for granted.

It’s kind of stupid, but it’s what I started thinking about as I passed by Worlds of Fun this morning on the way to work.  If I had had to travel to the closest Six Flags as a kid to get on a roller coaster, well, I’m pretty sure I would never have ridden one. 

One of the other things I take for granted is that my daughter will always be healthy.  Anything can happen, but it won’t, right?  Well, it does happen sometimes.  Kemtee has a dear friend whose daughter has just been diagnosed with an illness straight out of House, M.D.  She’s asking anyone who wants to help to Sock it to Maggie.  Please consider helping raise the spirits of a 17 year old girl who loves hand-knits.

Another thing I am taking for granted is that my Husband Socks will fit the hubby.  He will not try the first one on for me! 

Husband socks

Oh, how I am loving the Mountain Colors Bearfoot! 


From 90 to 54 degrees in two days, welcome Autumn September 25, 2007

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Wow, I should win Sheri‘s contest more often.  Hello everyone!  Thanks for stopping by!

Ok, now, since my head is full of totally unbloggable stuff, here are some yarny pictures.

These are the fall-appropriate Koigu KPPPM colors I picked up last month.


And here they are close up.




I have no plans for them as yet.  Well, except the cuddling.  It was fun pulling them all out of their bag to cuddle and take pictures.


Half ‘n half done September 24, 2007

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The pair of husband socks is half done, i.e. the first sock is complete.

I finished sewing up the right half of Reid. 

Whadda weekend.  Let’s just say that we won’t be going back to that Japanese steak house until Ladybug is older.

So, who’s ready for Heroes tonight? 


Things September 20, 2007

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I’m motoring my way down the foot of the first Husband sock.  It is my opinion that the most irritating part of a flap ‘n gusset sock is all those gusset stitches making things unwieldy.  Once I get past the gusset, things move much more swimmingly.

I also have attached one sleeve to the side of Reid, and I am seaming up the length of sleeve to make the tube.  Seaming is time consuming!  There was a point in the knitting of the pieces when I decided to leave long tails for the seaming process.  It turns out that all of those long tails are on one side of the cardigan.  It amuses me.  (Needless to say, that’s the side that has gotten all the seaming attention.)

I have neglected to mention that about a week after I whined about StitchDiva not accepting PayPal, I went back to their site and was able to pay by PayPal!  I am sure that I didn’t overlook it before, but I am so glad I went back to check.  I purchased the patterns for Sahara and the Simple Knitted Bodice

And I am also happy to announce that Annie has been given a clean bill of health from the vet.  Although the vet seems to think she has some phantom pain from the excised toe bone. 


Let me introduce you to my leetle friends September 18, 2007

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I haven’t felt a reason to rush to get pictures of my Koigu purchases from last month.  So instead of photographing them all at the same time, I’ll do it piecemeal.

These first two skeins are single loners that were on sale.  They’ll probably become toddler socks.

Koigu P330

Koigu P330, labeled by the store as Yellow Squash.  This picture is probably the easiest yarn photo I have ever taken!

Koigu P516

Koigu P516, labeled as Forest Shadows.  Yeah, I see that fuzzy ply right there. 

And finally, for you and your toddler’s amusement, I present a link to the video that gave Anna the giggles over and over again for almost 20 minutes:  Mission Sqwerlpossible!


Hmm, there’s a package on the porch. September 17, 2007

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The prize fairy swooped by my house this weekend!

Tasha/KnittingFisher held a contest on her blog a few weeks ago, and I was the lucky winner.  My first impression upon just looking at the package was, “Wow, that’s a lot of postage!  Well, it does have some heft to it….”


Well, yes, it does have some weight in there.  Fresh King Salmon, jarred to last for 2 years!  However, I don’t think it will sit on the shelf THAT long.  Plus a lovely note with a sort of how-to for the Salmon.  Very useful for me!

King Salmon

Cute notecards of Alaskan animals,


and two skeins of Online sock yarn.  Can you believe that this is the first faux isle sock yarn to enter my stash?  It should be fun to knit up!  And I can have matching Mommy and Anna socks!


Thank you Tasha!