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Random Wednesday Pictureless Copout January 30, 2008

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1.  24 of 36 garter ridges down on block 4 of blanket.  I am incredibly grateful that my sister will not be having babies any time soon.  In an incredibly hopeful move, I put the ball of blue in my bag for the next block. 

2.  My ugly toe nail finally fell off.  It’s still ugly and deformed, but progress is being made.  If enough folks clamour for a picture, I will gladly oblige.

3.  Knitpicks support is sending me another set of size 7 Harmony tips.  One needle is starting to separate the tip from the metal screwy bit. 

4.  Ladybug is having a blast with the new babysitter.  She hasn’t yet tried to suffocate either the 4 month old or the 8 week old, so I think things are going to be swell. 

5.  Aunt is recovering from a successful heart surgery.  They performed 3 procedures in 2.5 hours.  I am impressed.

6.  Are the primaries over yet?  How about winter?


Alert the masses! January 24, 2008

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I have been knitting!  Look!


You know what it is, right? 


Those of you who have been reading for a while (ha!) will remember that this blanket is not for me or my impending baby. It’s for the hypothetical future child of my sister.  So there’s no deadline and I can work on it whenever I feel the desire.  It sure is fun right now!  I tried out this technique for the ends, which makes me happy that I won’t have zillions of them to weave in at the end of the whole project. 

In other news, a friend of ours made a sweater for Ladybug, and while my mental state has precluded picture taking, my friend has a blog and took pictures and did all the work for me.  Go see.

And I know you all want to know how the house business is going.  We had our first showing this morning, and another one is scheduled for Sunday.  The Realtor still doesn’t have the pictures of the house uploaded to Realtor.com, so we’re really happy with 2 showings the first week it’s listed.

So that’s life.


As it turns out, I was wrong. January 18, 2008

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Not about the hole.  That’s still there.


About the baby.  Oh there’s still a baby, and there’s only one (phew!).  Let’s just say hubby is going to be completely outnumbered in the gender category. 

This one is a headstrong little girl, though.  She did not want to cooperate for the sonogram.  These pictures are the best we could get. 

The house is finally showable and it was supposed to be listed by Wednesday, but it’s not up yet.  Pooh.  Maintaining this kind of cleanliness is hard!

I think I have finally come back to the mindset of knitting.  I can read blogs again without that bad stomach feeling, and I have an itch for something on the needles.  I think maybe I need to make those bright socks for Ladybug.  All I need to do is tie her down and measure her foot.  Surely I can do that.  I may even try it on 2 circs. 

Oh yeah, some Harmony needles are living with me now!  I’ve got the Options set, the DPN sock set, and 2 each of the 0 (2.00mm) and 1 (2.25mm) 16″ fixed. 


AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! January 11, 2008

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One of my Poms has developed a hole.  An insidious hole in the side of the heel flap.  I think the yarn must have broken.

I DON’T HAVE TIME TO FIX IT, PEOPLE!  There is whip-cracking going on at our house, and nothing fun can be done until closets and the office are cleaned out and ready for showing. 

Of course, we slacked off last night and instead of cleaning, we paid bills and learned all about paying for points.  It’s not like I played Solitaire all evening or anything.

Anyways, I do have things to show you, but they’ll have to wait for another day.  Probably the day after the house if finally showable. 

Y’all come back now, ya hear?


Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes January 9, 2008

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It’s been a month already?  Wow.

Ladybug with puppies

Well, we’ve been over the (Mississippi) river and through the (there were a few trees) woods to Nana’s house and back.  Pictures were taken, way too many gifts were opened, and now we’re back and normalcy sort-of resumes.

Ladybug and Mommy Jammin'

I even knit a swatch.  More than that, I washed the swatch!  By the way, does anyone have any experience with how Cascade Sierra washes and dries?  My experiment with putting it in the dryer had satisfactory results, but I only washed it once.

But the big business around here is getting ready to sell our house.  We’ve met with an agent and hope to have it on the market by early next week.  The market around here is slow (like it is everywhere) but not as bad as many areas.  We’re fairly hopeful right now.

Another item on the agenda for next week is our 20 week sonogram.  Yes, we will be finding out the gender of our baby.  I predict boy.

That’s pretty much it for now.  Gotta vacuum somewhere!