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Roza’s Epilogue May 17, 2007

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Mom likes her socks!  Yessss!

And even better, they fit!

I think my sister might be jealous.


Abra Cadaver May 4, 2007

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We watched Harry Potter 4 (Goblet of Fire) last night.  Every time I try to say the killing curse, I always end up with some form of Abra Cadaver.  Which makes sense. 

Anna had a fever the last couple of days, so I stayed at home with her while she moped (the first day) and recovered (the second).  Sick toddler ≠ knitting time.  I was just happy to find the time to take the sock pictures!  All I was able to do was cast on (twice! oops) and knit two rows of the other front piece of Reid. 

I’ve decided to go ahead and give Mom her socks for Mother’s Day.  I can barely take the suspense of one week; I could never handle waiting 6 months!  OhgodIhopetheyfitandshelikesthemohnowIrememberwhyIdon’tknitforotherpeople!

And yes, I signed up for Ravelry.  It’s going to take me a while to get everything in there; I don’t even know if I’ll catch up with stuff that I’ve already finished.  It’s fun, though.  There are some really cool features. 

All right, back to the real world and work!


Roza’s Eff to the Oh. May 3, 2007

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rozas socks 01

Yarn:  Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Purple Iris, purchased from the Loopy Ewe.
Pattern: Roza’s Socks, IK Spring 2007
Needles: US 0 40″ Addi Turbo’s, Magic Loop method
Mods: Worked foot over 57 stitches instead of 59.  Made leg an inch or so shorter.

rozas socks 02

rozas socks 03

These socks are for my Mom, a size 9 to my size 6.5.  Now I need to decide if I should give them to her for Mother’s Day or save them for Christmas.  They’re 75% wool, so she probably wouldn’t (shouldn’t!) wear them until fall, and I hate to give gifts that folks can’t use immediately.  But, I’m sure she’d love to have them now.  What do you think?


Admissions May 1, 2007

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I was going to kitchener the toes on my second Roza’s Sock last night, but Heroes was on.  It required my full attention!

I think I’m going to lay off the hand-painted yarns for a bit, unless they’re Fleece Artist or Koigu.  Or any other brand that does the speckly thing.  I love the color combinations that are produced, but I don’t like how they behave.  I’ve been very relaxed about it in the past, but the Roza’s Socks are really annoying me.  It’s not the pattern or how the yarn feels; it’s how the spirals change with just 2 stitches difference.  I want to be able to knit something with the right fit and not worry about how the colors behave.

I still plan on trying to make the Pomatomus socks with the Yarn Pirate in Quicksilver.  I hope that the color changes are subtle enough that it won’t bother me.  If not, well….

I don’t like Magic Loop as much as I thought I did.  It’s great (for me) for starting my toe-up socks because I like the turkish cast-on, but I don’t like how strained the stitches get.  I’m going back to DPN’s, but I’ll start any toes with Magic Loop and then put them onto DPN’s after a few rows.


This is a knit blog, right? April 27, 2007

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There must be some knitting going on, right?

Sure.  Tuesday night I spent the night at a hotel for work, and I watched a bunch of TV and knit on my second Roza’s Sock.  I’m down to the foot now. 

Nope, no pictures.  It’s been rainy and grey and yuck. 

I do have a K-Mart bra report.  They’re OK.  One of them does that trick where it creeps up your back while the girls slide down.  The other two are better.  There’s some actual lift and separation going on that they haven’t experienced in a while.  However, these two bras start to hurt my ribs by late afternoon.

I can bring you some pictures of a pretty pet yarn skein.

Yarn Pirate “Dogwood”, Merino/Tencel blend purchased from the Loopy Ewe.

This is the yarn that I mentioned in this post.  It’s so pretty and soft; if the colors are going to change when I wash it, well, I’ll just never wash it!

Also, I’ve made up a little page of the future knit projects that are in my head.  So there’s been some mental knitting as well as real knitting.


One down April 17, 2007

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first kitchener

I know it’s a horrible picture, but it’s the best I could get.  Next time I’ll remember to pull the stitches tighter at the beginning.

My thoughts on Kitchenering:  actually pretty easy with the instructions right in front of you.  Nothing to worry about.  I used the instructions in the IK Spring 2007 issue (it also contains the pattern for Roza’s Socks.)

Just to remind y’all that I can take an occasional good picture, here’s the picture of the yarn I’m using for these socks. 

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Purple Iris

Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in the Purple Iris colorway.


Roza’s Progress April 16, 2007

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Last Friday I pulled out my camera and took a couple of pictures of my Roza’s sock, uploaded them to flickr, and then kept knitting.  So these two pictures are a little behind the times.

The gusset.  See how pretty it is?  It wasn’t difficult at all, and I was so scared. 

Gusset detail

This is how far along I was on Friday afternoon.  See how the color spirals slowed way down?  Apparently, 2 stitches make that much of a difference.  My Mom has seriously narrow feet, so I didn’t want to knit with 59 stitches around the foot.  I’ve tried them on, and I think 57 made it perfect. 

Progress pic

Right now I have one or two more rows on the toe, and then I’ll try my hand at kitchenering.  How hard can it really be?  *Gulp*