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It was meant to be August 2, 2012

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Have you ever had a project that went so smoothly from start to finish?  I was fated to have this vest!  First of all, I had a suitable yarn in my stash, in just the right amount.  The magazine was the last one at the grocery store.  My admittedly meager swatch showed I had the right gauge with the first needles I tried.  I cast on 120 stitches only once and ended up with a tail in just the right amount.  Even the mistakes I made were able to be fixed easily, and I didn’t have to rip anything out!



Pattern: Planche Vest by Meghan Jones, Interweave Knits Summer 2012
Yarn: Araucania Pomaire Solid in Melon, 2.63 skeins
Needles: US 7 and 9 Harmony Interchangeables
Started: July 14th, 2012
Finished: July 31, 2012
Mods: The only adjustment I made was to not have quite so many knit stitches around the keyhole in the back. I tried what the pattern told me to do but I thought it was too thick.  And if I were to knit it again, instead of using the pattern’s directions for the applied I-cord, I’d just pick up the stitches as I went around.  I thought this way was a little too fussy, having to move the stitches back to the left hand needle each time.


Front view

The vest did sag a bit after wearing it all day (which is when the pictures were taken), but I’m still perfectly happy with it. I received so many compliments, two requests for one, and one request to teach someone to knit.



And Hubby loves it too. I wonder why?



He even agreed to take pictures for me! (Love my sunburn?)



For some reason he thought it was important to get a shot of the side of the vest. So this is the part that goes under my arm.



Raise the roof! Another successful project!



Everybody’s smiling.


All your pink are belong to us July 16, 2012

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Another post, AND another finished object.  Meet Dot* the Dress Up Box Monster.

Dot owns this bed, and all the tinkerbells on it.

Pattern: Dot, the Dress Up Box Monster from The Big Book of Knitted Monsters by Rebecca Danger
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease, MC Azalea, CC Berry
Needles: US 4 DPNs and Harmony interchangeables
Started: I don’t remember, but not long ago – Sometime in July
Finished: July 14th, 2012
Notions: stuffing from big bag o’ stuffing, 15mm safety eyes.
Mods: I misread the decreases, so there’s a little biasing around Dot’s* lower belly. I realized my mistake but decided it wasn’t worth it to rip out, so I did a little reverse biasing until I was back to center. I left out the belly button and mouth; Pigeon doesn’t miss them at all, and Dot* has enough character without them.

Speaking of Pidge, here she is snuggling with Dot. My baby turned 4 this year!


See this project’s Rav page for more pictures!

*Dot is her name until she receives a new one.


Two FOs are better than one July 7, 2012

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I didn’t mean to vanish like that, but life keeps intruding into the blogging time.  I did keep knitting, though.  I don’t have a lot to show for it; I was working on a pair of baby pants that just didn’t work out (mainly because I wasn’t going to have enough yarn, but can I be blamed for that?  Yes, yes I can.)  I started them at the end of April, right after Sahara was finished.  I didn’t decide to euthanize them until the second week of May.

I guess I can show you a picture of them.


The idea was cute, right? Oh well.  (You see the needles placed so that I can rip out all the leg above the cuff?  Well, that was just the first time I ripped it out.  It just wasn’t a pleasant project for me.)

But you didn’t come here for dismantled pants, did you. No, the title claims there will be 2 finished objects, and 2 finished objects you shall have!

Pattern: Garter stitch scarf from inside the ball band
Yarn: Yarn Bee Chrysalis in color “Red Rim”
Needles: US 8, but it really doesn’t matter
Started: May 14ish, 2012
Finished: May 24ish, 2012

I had a 40% off coupon to Hobby Lobby.  These novelty yarn scarfs are all out there, so I thought it would be fun.  It was simple and a nice diversion after the failed pants.  I’m not sure that this scarf is for me; it’s kind of screaming “GIVE ME TO YOUR MOTHER!”  I may force it to stay around until Winter, though, to see how it looks with my coat.

Pattern: Duck Feet (free Rav download)
Yarn: Knitpicks Essential in Pumpkin, left over from My Very First Socks Ever
Needles: US 1, 2.5mm
Started: May 25ish, 2012
Finished: June 21st, 2012

These are hard to photograph without a baby to put their feet in them.  Sleeping Beauty tried her best, but her feet are too small and dainty.


I hope the recipient in Germany likes them – baby is due this month, and finally today I got everything all boxed up and ready to ship.  If baby doesn’t wait until the box arrives, all will be well.  Most of the package is more suited for the fall; there won’t be anything he will outgrow before it arrives.


Not Suitable for the Desert May 15, 2012

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It’s done!  It’s done!  (It’s been done for a couple weeks!)


Pattern: Sahara
Yarn: Cascade 200
Needles: US 6 and US 4 (for ribbing)
Started: February 4, 2012
Finished: April 26, 2012
Mods: The sleeves, silly. Also, I added a couple of short rows at the boobs, to add just a touch of length.

I think I’m a little too boobtacular.

Pondering, what next? Should I rip out the ill-fated baby pants that are driving me insane?


It only took me 9 months January 29, 2012

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No, dammit, I didn’t have a baby!  9 month for a pair of socks!


Pattern: Fawkes
Yarn: Crafty in a Good Way Kona sock, color Forest, purchased locally at The Studio.
Needles: US 0, KP Harmony DPNs
Started: April something or other, 2011
Finished: January 24th, 2012
Mods: Followed the lace pattern, ignored their heel.

More on-the-couch pictures (cuz I know you love them):
Heel gusset ala Turtlegirl


Check out my Alphapillar.

Now to figure out what’s next.  It’s time for me to use my 7 skeins of Cascade 220 for a sweater for me.  I’m trying to decide between Sahara and the February Fitted Pullover.  What do you think?  Alive, Dead, both, or neither?


The only things I finish are baby things November 3, 2011

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Well, would you look at that – how time has flown by.  Summer has come and gone, and all I have to show for it knitting-wise is 3 small baby items.  (Luckily completed 2 days before the babies were born – TWINS!)


Pattern: Petal Bib pattern out of the book One Skein.
Yarn: Lily Sugar n’ Cream cotton
Needles: US 5
Start and Finish dates: ?? to 10-4-11
Notes: Well, the petals don’t want to stay flat, so I had to iron them for pictures and gifting.


Pattern: I made it up, but I know there are a ton of the center out square blankets out there.
Yarn: Good old Lily Sugar n’ Cream, with a dash of Peaches n’ Creme as well
Needles: every single US 5 that I own
Start and Finish dates: 9-20-11 to 10-10-11
Notes: I started with 6 stitches, increased to 12 in the first row, and then increased (YO) 2 at each corner every other row, throwing in some purl rows here and there where I wanted them. I tried to stick to a 4-2-4-2 striping pattern, but I got thrown off when I ran out of a particular color of yarn. I tried a moss stitch border, but my purls are too loose and it didn’t work out – the attached I-Cord works perfectly, though. It’s really only car-seat blanket size, or will work well for a doll blanket when the girls are older.

Outside of knitting, life has been hectic.  July was not my own – we went on a week-long vacation, and when we got home, I had to work 3 weekends.  We had to replace the furnace and AC.  Ladybug started first grade, and Pigeon is now in a formal pre-school setting (but she still refuses to potty train.  Ah, joy.)  I’ve been reading when I can, watching movies and TV, and mostly working.  It’s not going to get any less busy, either!

Although I did score a pretty good yarn deal at Tuesday Morning sometime in that interim – 2 skeins each of Araucania Ranco Solid in Melon and Cactus, 3 skeins of Araucania Ulmo Pomaire also in Melon.  Less than $50 for all of it.

So that’s the past 6 months in a nut-shell.  I wonder what the next 6 will bring!


Free Willy! April 19, 2011

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He’s trapped in the cubicle farm!


Pattern: Oedipus the Orca by Ali Tong
Yarn: Paton’s Classic Merino for the Black, Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted for the White
Needles: US 4 Susan Bates Silverlume DPN’s
Started: April 8, 2011
Finished: April 10, 2011
Mods: I had to reknit the white belly because the belly that followed the written directions was too big. The fins are all stockinette rounds instead of garter stitch.  Were I to knit him again, I would slow down the increases so that he doesn’t get so round so fast.


See my belleh!


Poor little chap is a bit cock-eyed, but I just call him special.