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I can’t believe how busy I am! October 28, 2009

Filed under: knitting,WIP — Emily @ 10:27 am

Having a job is awesome, but I can’t hardly find time to blog.  Luckily, I have found time to knit – not much, mind you – and just now found time to take some pictures.

I’m still cranking away on Ladybug’s Emma Peel.

I didn’t say they were good pictures.

I’ve finished the front. My Ladybug wouldn’t be herself without requesting some bling.


In fact, I’ve even started to seam the sides together! (I love embroidery floss for seaming!)


However, I’ve been way too busy to rake the leaves.


It’s getting close to time for me to decide what to knit next.  My choices are a hat, armwarmers, or armwarmers.  Any opinions?