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I have yarn pr0n February 27, 2009

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And it’s really beautiful.


Oh the turquoise!


Ooh, a shot of electric green!


All the colors together equals one thing: Manos Silk blend.  

All hail Turtlegirl, who can choose yarn like nobody’s business.  I’m so happy I was able to help you get to the right guys to get your Vista working again.

Now if you’ll pardon me, I’ve got to find the perfect pattern for this.


Not a Book Review February 25, 2009

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I am infatuated with the new Mason-Dixon Knitting book.  Love it.  I want to make the Cardi Cozy, Emma Peel, a kippah, and while I’ll probably never make it, I love the look of this coat.  (If I ever get svelte and trim, I’ll totally be making it.)  I’ve been hunting down some Kid Silk Haze through Ravelry, and I might just have found some I can afford.  If I can really make the Cardi Cozy out of two balls (yes, I’ve seen that it might take more, but I would want mine to be very airy, like the sample in the book(OK, maybe I’m delusional.  Even Margene needed 4 balls.  Damn.)), I will be a very happy knitter.

The Knitting Workshop tapes from the library are here, and I started watching the first one.  I am amused that the first project uses stranded knitting.  I think it’s great, actually, that EZ is making it seem like it’s nothing to be afraid of.  She doesn’t over analyze it, just says be consistent and you’ll be OK.  

An evening at my house (not normally this dark, but what can you expect taking video on a digital camera?):

Yup, watch out.  Pidge is mobile.



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The good

A friend of ours sent a package with hand knit and sewn gifts for the girls!

Ladybug with turtle, Pidge in a Pea Pod

A Sheldon (in Ladybug’s favorite colors!), a Pea Pod (look at those cute green buttons!), a sewn portable drawing studio with gorgeous fabrics that didn’t make it into the picture, and some yummy looking jelly.  (Sorry the picture’s not the best.  Hubby doesn’t know how to focus on the knit stuff.  Me, yeah, I’m peeling an orange for Ladybug.)

The bad

I’m a bad blogger.  I finally fixed the hole in my Poms, and I didn’t take pictures.  But I’ve learned something very important:  DO NOT just knit past a knot in a ball of yarn.  You will hate yourself later.

The ugly

Dude, the flu.  ’nuff said.


Gotta Love the Library! February 13, 2009

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The best part – these were all just sitting on the shelf.  I didn’t even have to place a hold!

I did, however, place a hold for 3 more items that were at different branches: the 3 videos in EZ’s Knitters Workshop.  I am totally stoked.  Now I hope they’ll get here before I have to stop working from home!

Now, Elizabeth Zimmermann is one area where my regional library system is lacking.  The author search today yielded only 2 titles – Knitters Workshop and another video that I can’t remember.  10 months ago they didn’t have even those two.  (Way back then, I tried to get KW via WorldCat, and failed miserably.  I wonder if that’s why they have the tapes now?)  I’d love to go out and buy the books I want, but we’re not buying much these days (see house, new; baby, new; and economy, bad.)

So pardon me while I go curl up with a blanket on the couch and read a book.  After my visit with the mechanical baby, of course.


Talking about cables and Contest Winner! February 12, 2009

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Is it common, when a cable is traversing a reverse stockinette background, to work the cable all in knits?


That’s what the instructions for the Chevalier mittens say to do, but it leaves a weird little almost hole looking place right above the cable, where I can tell it should have been purled instead of knit.  

But in the good news category, I’ve learned how to cable without a cable needle.  My right leaning cables at the beginning are full of Holy Wonky Stitches Batman! moments, but I learned to tighten up the float and now they’re much better.  

So, I didn’t realize it was Thursday until just a moment ago.  There were 29 comments (deleting the pingback that I never deleted, but didn’t count) and random.org generated a number for me: 1.  (Can you believe it?  I thought random number generators never generated #1.  I checked to make sure I was doing it right, though.)  That means our winner is….


Congratulations, and thank you all for entering.  I hope everyone comes back to visit now and then!


Rejected February 11, 2009

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A conversation:

Me:  Here are your socks, Ladybug.

Ladybug:  Did you finish them?

Me:  Sure did.

Ladybug.  Oh.  I don’t like them.

Me:  (Internally)  WHAT?!?!! (Externally)  Oh.  Why?

Lbg:  They don’t have any pink in them.

Me:  *head banging on keyboard*

I’ll stick ’em in her drawer, and make her wear them.  I may have to write the word “princess” on them somewhere, but she’ll wear them!


What is this? February 9, 2009

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Fountain or light fixture?

A) A basic kitchen light fixture.

B)  A beautiful hanging light up water fountain.


Yeah, that was a nice evening.

ETA:  Ladybug was playing in the bath, and somehow (we have been unable to replicate this) splashed water in such a manner that a gush of water ran down our kitchen table light fixture (seen above in the picture.  It’s directly below the bath tub).  There will be caulking in our future.