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That Makes Three April 15, 2009

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  1. I lost my job
  2. Hubby’s Grandpa’s decline
  3. Termites


termite damage to our baseboard

Yup. Termites. We had a swarm.  (Warning.  Do not click if you can’t stand the sight of bugs.)  Luckily, they don’t seem to be anywhere else, but of course we’re going to shell out some decent sized bucks to pay for a full treatment.  I’ve never wanted to know so much about termites and termite treatment in my life!

So, the knitting continues.  I’m working on two large projects, so progress is slow and not very bloggable.

Here’s the Cardi Cozy after 23 rows.

what a blue blob

Make Me a Super Hand Model

And the baby blanket looks much the same as it did before, but with a larger brown block on the top.  

Well, Pigeon is singing my song, so I’ve got to go get her out of bed.  TTYL!


What is this? February 9, 2009

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Fountain or light fixture?

A) A basic kitchen light fixture.

B)  A beautiful hanging light up water fountain.


Yeah, that was a nice evening.

ETA:  Ladybug was playing in the bath, and somehow (we have been unable to replicate this) splashed water in such a manner that a gush of water ran down our kitchen table light fixture (seen above in the picture.  It’s directly below the bath tub).  There will be caulking in our future.


Everything is official! May 21, 2008

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OK, so I can now make the official announcement that we’re moving, because all inspection issues have been addressed in an acceptable way. 

So, anyone want to come over this weekend and help pack?

New Laundry room

We’re closing on May 29 (on both the sale of this house and the purchase of our new one) but we don’t have to be out until June 2.  The U-Haul is scheduled for the 31st. 

My OB wanted to induce on the 29th.  We came to an agreement that as long as everything was going fine with the kick counts (ow, oof, eek, yup, she’s ok) and the NST’s, that we’d hold off until June 5. 

In the meantime, Ladybug still loves “beanstalks.”

Ladybug eating her asparagus people


Photographic Evidence February 11, 2008

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New, non-evil, functioning doorknob


New, non-evil or possessed, garage door opener

In progress.

Taggie's innards

Amorphous blob, aka taggie

Feline assistance

I will try to severely limit the house talk from now on.  I know it’s boring to most people, but I think I should remark upon the doorknob briefly. It jammed up completely and had to be replaced. Hammers were used in the process, as well as many curse words.

(BTW, the camera was in hubby’s car.)


What next? February 1, 2008

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House, if you truly are a sentient being trying to prevent us from selling you, then please grow an additional 500 square feet before you start falling apart.  Really!  The chair scratching the Pergo floor was annoying but fairly insignificant, but we really do need that garage door opener.  Well, we really need it to open ONLY when we push the button, not randomly at night.

And Murphy, you can get lost and take your law with you.