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Everybody duck! July 30, 2007

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Watch out for flying porcines!

Hubby saw my new socks-on-the-needles, and he likes them!  So much that he wanted them for himself.

Too bad he can’t have them.  I’ve got some other yarn stashed away that would be appropriate for him, so I guess I’ll have to work a pair of socks for him into the knitting queue.  At least his feet are only a man’s US 9.5.  It could be much worse, right?

Would you like to see the socks that changed Hubby’s mind? 

embossed leaves01

Yes, that’s the 1×1 ribbed cuff of the Embossed Leaves pattern from Interweave’s Favorite Socks. 

In other news, I have to undo the bind-off for the Reid sleeve and add an inch.  I measured the sleeve with my new tape measure, and for some reason I thought the pull was included in the measurements.  Nope, it’s not. 


Choose your own adventure July 27, 2007

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I’m sorry, but I don’t have any more pictures of new yarn for today. 

In fact, I don’t have any pictures at all.  That’s because I’ve been spending my free time knitting.  Shocking, non?  I’m almost done with the first sleeve on Reid.  It seems very large for my little girl, but I think that large is probably better than small.  Anyways, I’ve got about two inches left to knit on it before I’m done.

And then I can take another break and knit some socks!  What yarn should I cast on next?  What pattern?

Here are your pattern options (links to Ravelry):

Embossed Leaves from IK Favorite Socks

Merino Lace from IK Favorite Socks

Fawkes, by Gigi Silva

Whisper Lace by Have You Any Wool?

Retry Bellatrix, by Gigi Silva

Here are the yarn options:

My stash on Ravelry!

I totally reserve the right to knit something else!


The boss is away! July 26, 2007

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On of the yarn stores in my area is having a big sale this week, with different things on sale every day.  They’re calling it “The Boss is Away Sale”. 

Today the sale was 40% off of sock yarns.


panda cotton

Panda Cotton.  Red.  Sorry for the shoddy picture, red is just so difficult, and it doesn’t help that I can’t control the sun.


Tofutsies.  Thought I’d give it a try.

craftyinagoodway Forest

Here’s the first of my unexpected finds.  Apparently, there’s a local lass names Andrea who hand-dyes yarn.  Her brand is Crafty in a Good Way.  This colorway is named Forest.  Sorry about the flash!

craftyinagoodway Forest02

Here’s a better shot of the colors in the yarn.

craftyinagoodway plaid

Same brand, colorway Plaid.  Again, the camera wouldn’t behave and used flash on me.  The unflashed ones were just too awful, though.

These two yarns have a put-up of 560yds for 4oz.  And full price was only $15!  I bought the last two hanks in the store.

Rio de la plata

Finally, this is Rio de la Plata Merino Sock, Multicolor Ply. 

Riodelaplata closeup

Isn’t that gorgeous?  The colors are very Easter Egg-y, but I just couldn’t pass it up. 

All of this yarn would have been over $80 retail, and I paid just under $50.  I feel pretty good right now!


A milestone July 25, 2007

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I’m now a Loopy Groupie! (Which means I’m doing my part to put Sheri‘s sweet and helpful children through college!)


Things were a little more organized in the bag when it arrived, before I pawed through it.  Firstly, there’s the tote, which is very cool and useful.  Then there’s the two samples of Soak wash, which I plan on trying soon — I’ve got two pairs of socks needing to be washed.  The Loopy Kisses aren’t visible in the picture because they’ve been in my kitchen since Friday.  I love using peppermints in my coffee in the morning.


My first Regia.  A gift of yarn for my Loopy Groupie induction.  If you click the picture, you can go to flickr and see the big version, which shows you that each ply is a different color.  I think this yarn will make a good, basic ribbed sock someday.

wollmeise red hot chili

Wollmeise in Red Hot Chili.  I’m sorry if this disappeared out of your cart on the morning of the sneak-up, because it is pure gorgeousness.  You can’t see it in this picture, but there’s more yellow in the colorway.

wollmeise red hot chili02

I don’t know yarn terminology too well, but I love the way the base yarn is spun.  It’s not what i would call squishy or squashy like Koigu; I would hazard a guess and say that it’s tightly spun.  I would compare it to Jitterbug at this point, with the exception that the Wollmeise is a much thinner weight.  It’s probably the thinnest fingering weight I think I’ve seen.

I guess no one is ready to talk about Harry Potter yet.  I am practically bursting with a desire to discuss it with someone!


Keepin’ it spoiler free July 24, 2007

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Yup, I finished Deathly Hallows.

I liked it.  Yessiree, I did.  Some of what I expected was right, and some was wrong.  I liked how J.K. Rowling worked out the final confrontation.

The Epilogue was OK.  It helps to remember that this book is for kids, so I shouldn’t expect an in-detail analysis of the fallout after the final events in the main story.

If you want to talk specifics about it, leave a comment saying so, but don’t discuss the specifics in the comment.  I’ll email you back and we can do it there.  I will delete any spoilers I see (but it may take me a while to see them, so please be careful!)

I finished the book too late last night to have time to cast on for the first of Reid’s sleeves, and I’m traveling today so I don’t expect to get anything started tonight.  I suppose I could get lucky and get home at a decent hour.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how I was able to find time to read so much yesterday, well, Anna’s on vacation.  She’s spending 3 days at a little resort for members of the MSTA with my Aunt and Uncle.  So far she’s doing well, and I only cried a little bit watching her leave!


R.I.P. or RIP it July 23, 2007

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Buh-Bye, Bellatrix socks.  You really were just too ugly.  It’s a pity that I spent all that time knitting 4 whole inches on your leg before realizing just how awful and splotchy you looked. 

I guess it’s karmic punishment for not working on Reid.  She’s a cruel mistress.

Of course I’m not knitting right at the moment.  In fact, I don’t have anything actively on the needles.  But I’m on page 306 of Deathly Hallows. 


Evil character, evil behavior July 20, 2007

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Some people are (unintentionally) making me feel very guilty about starting Bellatrix instead of working on Reid.  And to top it all off, the varigated yarn is not behaving as I thought it would.  We know how much I dislike flashing/pooling, right?  Maybe, just maybe, I could work on two projects at once. 

It’s not like you expect a lot of speed from me, anyways.