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Bah, another disappointment January 29, 2011

Filed under: knitting — Emily @ 9:27 am

This sock doesn’t even deserve a picture.  Oh, it’s pretty to look at, if you ignore the glaring error 2 inches from the cast on – which apparently I did because I certainly didn’t see it for those last 8 inches of knitting.

And why on earth would a sock that is 64 stitches around be too small?  Seriously?  Yes, I was using 000 needles, but the Lion Brand sock yarn is so thin.  I guess I should have gone up to 72.

So I’m disappointed, and will probably just shove this project back into the trunk upstairs, pick out another ball of sock yarn, and start on something else that should be pretty and should be easy.  Of course, I thought this project should have been easy too!

(Before you ask, I tried it on Ladybug, and we can’t even get it on her foot.)

So, that’s that for the last month of knitting.

On a lighter note, it had been so long since I had worked a standard flap heel, that I had to look up the instructions!