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Not socks, dishcloths, or baby clothes! October 15, 2010

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But an actual garment for me!

Off center but flattering!

Pattern: Gilmore Vest (Ravelry)
Yarn: Cascade 220 in 8010, less than 3 skeins
Needles: US 7 Addi Natura
Size: A combination of the XL and L directions
Cast on: September 2, 2010
Cast off: October 13, 2010

Mods: Tons of them. The pattern is written for a DK weight yarn, so I had to fudge the numbers to go with my gauge. I Cast On 109 stitches because I wanted the ribbing to start and end in a knit stitch (for seaming purposes) then did 4 sets of decreases and 3 sets of increases for waist shaping, following my own measurements for length. On the front at the bustline, I did 3 short rows to add length. Instead of sewing on the neck ribbing, I just picked up the stitches. I also added one set of short rows to each side of the neck ribbing from the bust line down to where it gets sewn down to the body for a little extra coverage.

Ze back.
I call this picture “Staring at the trees, wondering when the leaves are going to take over our lives.”

All in all, I’m pretty pleased. I could have added a couple of extra rows in the front; when I was seaming I discovered that I didn’t have the same number of rows on the front as I did in the back. I think the short rows threw me off in measuring the length of the piece. I probably could have added a couple of rows to the armscye on the front as well. I’m not sure if I would have had enough yarn if I had done both of these things, though!