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Arms, arms! My sweater for some arms! March 28, 2012

Filed under: knitting,WIP — Emily @ 9:23 pm

So, this week the weather hit a high of 85.  I’m really thinking that I won’t be able to wear my Sahara before October.

And all I need are the arms.

I half-knit one of them.  Way too big.  And let me just say, I now know how not fun it is to knit sleeves – especially when you’re knitting top down and the sleeves are attached.  It’s very awkward, constantly having to rotate the pile of knitting on my lap.

Hey, it’s time for the perpetually hopeful gardening again!  Last year, all my work starting seeds indoors netted me 2 green beans (beans, not plants.)  I did have more luck with the rhubarb and asparagus starts; every one of them I planted has grown this year.  Too bad I can’t harvest them yet.  One more year!

Oh yeah, I discovered that I have carpet beetles.  Damn things – I never knew what they were, and now I know that they love eating wool.  They’ve taken a skein of Red Cascade 220 and touched my Knittery 4 ply merino.

the green one on the left

I went a little crazy with the vacuum, and I think I’m OK now.  I think they were living in a cheap wool rug, which has now gone to live in the landfill.


One Response to “Arms, arms! My sweater for some arms!”

  1. kemtee Says:

    GAAAAAH! Carpet beetles! I don’t even like saying that out loud.

    I’m still watching your progress. The sleeves were my least favorite part. But then, sleeves are. I’m stuck on Sleeve Island right now.

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