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Remember when I said I have a high instep? September 2, 2010

Filed under: FO,knitting,Socks — Emily @ 9:36 am

Yeah.  Too high.

Did not work

I even followed the instructions for a high instep, but clearly there’s just not enough stretch in the leg of the sock to get that far.

So yeah, these will be frogged – unless someone I really like comes along with size 6.5 feet and a very low instep.

But isn’t the color wonderful?

So now I’m swatching for a vest for me.  I’ve got Cascade 220, and I need a good pattern.  Suggestions?  I want a simple stockinette V-neck.  Right  now I’m looking at modifying either the Gilmore Vest or the Sweetheart Vest to fit my gauge but I’m open to other patterns if you know of any.


3 Responses to “Remember when I said I have a high instep?”

  1. Michelle Says:

    It seems like it should be so easy to find such a vest pattern, and yet… Hilja on Ravelry looks promising, but in a single size and probably would still need modification. If you can find a copy of the Winter/Spring 2010 Knitscene (sold out, and pattern not listed individually) the Ninebark cowl pattern includes the vest. I remember considering modding that pattern for a v-neck instead of modding Gilmore for gauge when I did my vest back in February. The good news – I didn’t find modding Gilmore for gauge troublesome.

  2. lisa Says:

    or put them away for the girls? 6.5 is pretty small… the oldest should be there in, oh, a decade, right?

  3. identity team Says:

    Ooo. Bad sock. Bad, bad sock.

    I’ll check and see what we’ve got in the pattern book at the shop. Shouldn’t be hard to find a decent vest pattern.

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