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The One with the Old Knitting January 8, 2010

Filed under: FO,knitting — Emily @ 9:33 am

Recognize the backdrop from yesterday?

So, here’s some knitting from the Precambrian period.  Two kitty hats, knit out of Mission Falls 1824 Wool in Raspberry.

The Adult size:

Practically the same picture, only cropped.

As you can see, since it fits the bouncy ball, it’s a little big. It did stretch some over the past 3 years, and I think a trip through the wash might help bring it back. However, it’s still nice and warm, and my only wish is that I’d knit it on smaller needles so less cold could sneak in through the cracks.

The Child size:

This is Pidge’s new doll that cries if you wake her up. Fun.

Since Ladybug was all of almost 2 that winter 3 years ago, I thought I’d make her a kitty hat too. The only color of Mission Falls I had was the same that I used for my hat, so I went ahead and made her a matching hat. It’s the only thing we’ve ever worn that was matching.  Pigeon is getting some use out of it now, so sometimes we match.

Now, don’t get your hope up for a post tomorrow – Saturday is for cleaning the hell out of this house so our visiting friend won’t take one look and run screaming back to Germany.  I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend and stays warm in their layers of clothing!


One Response to “The One with the Old Knitting”

  1. Kelly Says:

    You know, you can take the batteries out of those things….

    I like the hats. I like Mission Falls. I hate cleaning. Good luck with that!

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