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Practically Perfect in Every Way September 21, 2009

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Why yes. Yes I do. (Thanks for the Sock Summit swag, Michelle!)


Pattern: Monkey
Yarn: Yarntini Variegated in Pumpkin Spice
Needles: My faithful CP bamboo DPNs, size 0 aka 2.00 mm
Mods: Only four repeats on the leg instead of six. Sherman short-row heel because I wanted to learn.  I decreased to 60 stitches for the foot by decreasing 4 stitches on the sole.


I’m just… well… I’m just pretty proud of these socks. This was the best possible outcome – perfect yarn and pattern.  If I was a better blogger I’d do an in-depth dye-job comparison between the Yarntini and the Yarn Pirate that I used for my last pair of socks.  The Yarntini has much longer color stretches, so it knits up nicely at 60-64 stitches around.  The YP has shorter color lengths, so it does the nice variegated thing at 44-48 stitches around.


Ah yes, the heel. I used the Sherman Short-row tutorial over at Mel’s place.  I’m still not sold on short row heels for my feet, but I think I like this technique the best.  I might try the afterthought heel next, I’m not sure.  I don’t have any socks on the needles right now, because I’m working on a dress for Ladybug.  (I know, she’ll probably hate it and never wear it.  But at least this time it has some red in it.)


2 Responses to “Practically Perfect in Every Way”

  1. turtlegirl76 Says:

    Awesome! Love the shorter leg too.

  2. Kelly Says:

    I like the colors of both Yarntini and Yarn Pirate, but I like the ‘Tini base better. Just me.

    Those socks are grand. You always do a beautiful job.

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