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Dishcloth Obsession June 18, 2009

Filed under: FO,knitting — Emily @ 8:00 pm

I am addicted to dishcloths.  Dishcloths are the new socks.

I finished my learn-to-purl-continentally dishcloth last week.


It’s just a basic basketweave pattern, using the same Peaches and Cream yarn that I used for the other one.

I did learn the Norwegian purl, via a couple of videos on YouTube.

I haven’t cast on another one yet because of lack of yarn, but I will soon.  I’m almost done with the HBB!  (I just learned how to do applied I-Cord and am starting the border.)


3 Responses to “Dishcloth Obsession”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I’m still envious. I want to get one of these dratting WiPs off the needles so I can start something from beginning to end continentally.

  2. lisa Says:

    Good for you! I think dishclothes have a lot going over socks, namely that they are done more quickly, they are flat, and you can try all sorts of new things. Just watch washing the knives with them… we’ve lost a lot to a sharp edge that unravels the whole thing!

  3. I like your logic! I was wondering what people do with all those socks! Maybe it’s because I live in the south, but I never wear them unless I’m in sneakers and I don’t think I’d want to put my handknit socks (if I had such an animal!) in running shoes! Dishcloths, I understand.

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