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Get Thee Behind Me, Murphy! March 26, 2009

Filed under: yarn — Emily @ 10:38 am

In an effort to reskein two cakes of yarn for washing, I have had the following happen.

  1. The swift came unlocked and the half wound skein fell off onto the table.
  2. The second cake flew off the ballwinder onto the floor.

To rid myself of the first problem, I came up with a nice little solution.

Yarn is Grignasco MerinoSilk

That’s probably the smartest thing I’ve done all week.  The dumbest?  Well, no one’s died or fallen off the balcony, so I’m going to go with winding that second cake onto the ball winder with no added tension cutting myself with some aluminum foil.   (The second smartest thing was pulling up a chair to the swift.  My back thanks me.)

Nothing genius was required to fix the second problem, I just rewound the cake on the winder with some tension.  I think that makes 4 times I rewound these two cakes?


2 Responses to “Get Thee Behind Me, Murphy!”

  1. lisa Says:

    Why wash yarn? I’ve cut myself with the foil box, badly enough to get stitches, even on the vein, and a lovely scar along my wrist that sometimes raises an eyebrow… but it was an industrial sized box that fell across my wrist as I tried to get it down from a high spot.

  2. Kelly Says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I beaned someone sitting too close to the ball winder when the ball decided to take off. Right in the back of the head.

    I’m so embarrassed.

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