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Not a Book Review February 25, 2009

Filed under: books,Pigeon — Emily @ 2:22 pm

I am infatuated with the new Mason-Dixon Knitting book.  Love it.  I want to make the Cardi Cozy, Emma Peel, a kippah, and while I’ll probably never make it, I love the look of this coat.  (If I ever get svelte and trim, I’ll totally be making it.)  I’ve been hunting down some Kid Silk Haze through Ravelry, and I might just have found some I can afford.  If I can really make the Cardi Cozy out of two balls (yes, I’ve seen that it might take more, but I would want mine to be very airy, like the sample in the book(OK, maybe I’m delusional.  Even Margene needed 4 balls.  Damn.)), I will be a very happy knitter.

The Knitting Workshop tapes from the library are here, and I started watching the first one.  I am amused that the first project uses stranded knitting.  I think it’s great, actually, that EZ is making it seem like it’s nothing to be afraid of.  She doesn’t over analyze it, just says be consistent and you’ll be OK.  

An evening at my house (not normally this dark, but what can you expect taking video on a digital camera?):

Yup, watch out.  Pidge is mobile.


One Response to “Not a Book Review”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Yay! Pidge is mobile!

    (You are soooo screwed.)

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