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The good

A friend of ours sent a package with hand knit and sewn gifts for the girls!

Ladybug with turtle, Pidge in a Pea Pod

A Sheldon (in Ladybug’s favorite colors!), a Pea Pod (look at those cute green buttons!), a sewn portable drawing studio with gorgeous fabrics that didn’t make it into the picture, and some yummy looking jelly.  (Sorry the picture’s not the best.  Hubby doesn’t know how to focus on the knit stuff.  Me, yeah, I’m peeling an orange for Ladybug.)

The bad

I’m a bad blogger.  I finally fixed the hole in my Poms, and I didn’t take pictures.  But I’ve learned something very important:  DO NOT just knit past a knot in a ball of yarn.  You will hate yourself later.

The ugly

Dude, the flu.  ’nuff said.



  1. anotheryarn Says:

    Yay it made it! This morning I realized I was a very bad friend and forgot to say thank you for our favorite BBQ sauce.

  2. Kelly Says:

    1. Flu sux.

    2. Flu makes it hard to get mad at you for not taking pictures. I think you’re forgiven.

    3. Yay for gifts!

  3. […]  She’s made stuff recently for my girls, but she also made a couple things for Ladybug a long while ago that I shall talk […]

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