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Talking about cables and Contest Winner! February 12, 2009

Filed under: knitting,WIP — Emily @ 12:44 pm

Is it common, when a cable is traversing a reverse stockinette background, to work the cable all in knits?


That’s what the instructions for the Chevalier mittens say to do, but it leaves a weird little almost hole looking place right above the cable, where I can tell it should have been purled instead of knit.  

But in the good news category, I’ve learned how to cable without a cable needle.  My right leaning cables at the beginning are full of Holy Wonky Stitches Batman! moments, but I learned to tighten up the float and now they’re much better.  

So, I didn’t realize it was Thursday until just a moment ago.  There were 29 comments (deleting the pingback that I never deleted, but didn’t count) and random.org generated a number for me: 1.  (Can you believe it?  I thought random number generators never generated #1.  I checked to make sure I was doing it right, though.)  That means our winner is….


Congratulations, and thank you all for entering.  I hope everyone comes back to visit now and then!


2 Responses to “Talking about cables and Contest Winner!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    WOOT! Congratulations Lisa!

    Cabling w/o a cable needle just makes life so much simpler. You must help me convince Bananie.

  2. Chris Says:

    Congrats, Lisa! Um, I haven’t knit enough cables to really know. 😦 The mitts look great, though.

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