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Another Random Friday? January 30, 2009

Filed under: Ladybug — Emily @ 2:49 pm

How shall I weave all that my brain has to offer into a gently flowing narrative?  I’m thinking a list.

  1. Picked up Ladybug’s Swirly socks again, have made it past the heel.  It was totally inspired by my desire to try this short-row heel technique.  I only ripped out the heel 5 times before I got it right.  Still not feeling the short-row love, but it’s something I’d like to have in my arsenal.  (For the record, when she’s talking about “active stitches”, she is including those ones that you just made.)
  2. Started making Ladybug a tutu.  Luckily I bought tulle on a spool, but cutting it into the right length is still tedious.
  3. Desperately want to run out and buy lots of cute flannel prints to make cloth diapers.  Having sewn exactly 2 things in my entire life, I should probably rethink this desire.  However, I’ll be at Mom’s on Sunday.  She knows how to sew, and has a machine that can actually do a zig zag stitch.  In other words, if I’m gonna do it, it needs to be done right now!
  4. I love our new house, but it would be nice if the whole house humidifier that I was so stoked about actually did something.  I know that I screwed up and forgot to actually turn the water on to the unit, but I fixed that recently.  I’m still getting shocked every time I go to open up the fridge.  (Not enough to be a food deterrent, though.)

And a picture for your enjoyment:

August 6

Compare that to the ones of Pidge in her sweater.


2 Responses to “Another Random Friday?”

  1. lisa Says:

    What are you wearing on your feet when you get shocked? I used to wear crocs w/ wool socks in the house in the winter… but I got shocked everywhere… I even shorted out the telephone. Something about the wool and rubber and building up static electricity (oh and it was dry too).

  2. Kelly Says:

    Funny… your hair doesn’t look like you got zapped….


    I’m jealous. I miss baby huggin’. Hee hee… Pidgie gots mommy. Iz good.

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