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Keeping Pestilence Warm January 7, 2009

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Even a rider of the apocalypse needs warm hands.

I am sick, but I have mittens!

Pattern: Basic Pattern for Children’s Mittens (Rav link)
Yarn: Cascade 220 in a lovely shade of “Plain Red”
Needles: US 4 for the ribbing, US 5 for the body
Size: Small (child 4-6)
Started: 12-15-08
Finished: 1-7-09
Mods: None. Simple and lovely basic mitten pattern. I chose it because it was simple and lovely and had a thumb gusset.  Not pictured is the Idiot string I attached to the two mittens.  I don’t want these little buggers getting lost and stepped on and dropped on the floor of Daddy’s car.

See, this is what a mitten looks like

I have mittens!

This girl has gotten us all sick again.  I took to calling her Typhoid Ladybug (but hubby didn’t get it.)  We’re all hacking and coughing and today she’s running a fever too high for her to go to preschool.

ETA:  Got the yarn ready for my next project!  Ooh la la, I love my new ball winder!

My first yarn cake!


3 Responses to “Keeping Pestilence Warm”

  1. anotheryarn Says:

    yay for a new ball winder, and hey I don’t think we’ve seen any pictures of your new place…

  2. Kelly Says:

    HA! Ball winders ROCK!

    She’s just too cute….

  3. lisa Says:

    covet… covet… I keep thinking I don’t really need a winder and swift, but that picture has me coveting them!!! LOL about ms rider of pestilence!

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