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Chubby baby with Bum Ruffle December 3, 2008

Filed under: knitting,WIP — Emily @ 12:05 pm

The soaker is almost done!


She’s modeling it over a regular disposable.  It’s clearly going to be too small sooner than I had hoped.


I know the ruffle is what everyone wants to see!  I’m pretty happy with the placement.

The cuff reknit is almost complete.  Going up 2 needle sizes helped a ton; the bind-off is now the only part that’s too tight.  I’ll probably just use the Russian Bind-Off like I do for Toe-up socks (and like I used for the waist band of the Baby Bells.)

Does any one know of a good online resource for learning to embroider?  I did google it a bit, but I didn’t get any really good hits.  (I think my google-fu is down today.)

ETA:  Ever wonder if the Russian Bind-Off really is stretchier than a standard bind off?  Well, it certainly uses more yarn!  I had to do a combination of Russian and standard BO, or else I wouldn’t have enough yarn!


One Response to “Chubby baby with Bum Ruffle”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Izzums sweetie wittle baby bumbum…

    I don’t have any embroidery magic. I suck at it.

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