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International Leave a Comment Day October 31, 2008

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I am a very bad person.  Out of all of the blogs I read, I regularly comment on only 2 or 3.  I have decided to have an International* Leave a Comment Day on Wednesday, November 12, where I swear I will leave a comment if I visit your blog that day.

My rules:

  • Instead of just reading through Google Reader, I will click through to read and comment.
  • Certain blogs are excluded – anything in the Manolosphere, the LOLverse, and the like.
  • I chose November 12 hopefully to avoid any political talk.  If the blog talks about political stuff, it’s my choice whether I want to comment on it or not.
  • Please understand that I generally do most of my blog reading while I am pumping.  I cannot guarantee that I will capitalize any letters or use correct punctuation.
  • If for some reason, on November 12, I am at a location where I cannot read blogs or access Flickr, ILAC Day will be delayed until November 19.

I hope that, for me, this exercise will get me to participate more in the blogs that I enjoy.

Oh look, cute kid picture!
Ladybug and Pigeon

*I read some Canadian blogs, duh.


2 Responses to “International Leave a Comment Day”

  1. Kelly Says:

    We at Casa DBT are always pleased to have your company, dear.

    I shall join you on this quest, as I too am guilty of not at least saying “hello” as I visit.

    Feetie Pajamies!! I want some!!

  2. lisa Says:

    You are hilarious… I especially was amused that you are generally pumping while commenting!

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