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Just Another Random Wednesday September 10, 2008

Filed under: knitting,me — Emily @ 8:36 am

Things, in no particular order:

Hubby is playing Fantasy Football this year.  I always wanted him to have a hobby!  (He’s very grateful he didn’t get to draft Tom Brady.)

Pigeon is 3 months old.  She’s still not sleeping through the night.  It’s ok.  She’s cute so she can get away with it.

I finished one sock

I’ve been bitten by the babyknits bug.  The other sock is going to wait.

Isn’t this pattern totally cute?  (if you don’t have the Rav, go here and click on Boheme in the sidebar.)

I think it will have to wait, though, because I want to make some Baby Bells first.  I’m in the choosing yarn stage.  I’m thinking I have so much sock yarn….  Ooh, I think I know what I’m going to use! 

It may not sound like it, but I’ve had a hard time finding motivation lately.  It took me over a week to close the toe on that one sock.  I spent most of my free time yesterday reading Not Always Right instead of doing something fun.

And look at Google’s home page image today!  (For posterity, it’s the LHC!)


3 Responses to “Just Another Random Wednesday”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Me likee patterns. The Allegra would look cute upsized for Ladybug, too.

  2. Kelly Says:

    Oh crap. Mistyped. The Boheme thingee. I’m trying to work and comment at the same time. Sorry ’bout that.

  3. lisa Says:

    One at a time, right (the socks)… Where’d you find that Not always right page? It’s a riot!

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