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When we were six (weeks old) July 17, 2008

Filed under: Ladybug,Pigeon — Emily @ 1:26 pm

We’re still not sleeping well, but being Mommy to two has gotten easier.  I can actually get laundry done.  (If you don’t mind some wrinkles.)

But there are issues:  Ladybug is taking a while to adjust.

Ladybug pretends to be a baby

She’s adamantly against all forms of sleeping, be they nap time or bed time.  She’s also going through Binky withdrawal, as her last one is deteriorating.  Last night Pigeon did really well, but Ladybug was awake at 4am.  Hubby really came through and took her downstairs at 5 to watch Playhouse Disney.  He also took Pigeon, who was a little fussy.


She’s spending more and more time awake and alert. She loves her ducky mobile and is starting to enjoy the play gym. When Ladybug will share it with her.

Pidge and Ladybug playing together

(Please ignore the stoned look on Ladybug’s face. No, we’re not drugging her with Benadryl, it was just bad camera timing.) 

Well, the baby’s crying, so I’ll leave it right here.


2 Responses to “When we were six (weeks old)”

  1. kelly Says:

    I was just thinking about you, too…

    Poor Ladybug. I remember when the invader … er… my brother came home. It’s hard to be a big sister.

    But wow, can you tell those two are sisters or what!

  2. lisa Says:

    My mom says when my bro (18 mos younger) was born I stopped eating, except I’d sneak food out of the fridge, so she’d live my size portions at my height for me to sneak. Do you remember the first time you got 2 hours of consecutive sleep after Ladybug? I think it was at about 6 weeks for me… felt like I could run the marathon, rule the world, something. But now? Yikes! No way! It’ll happen soon, at least once in a while, right…

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