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Life is crazy May 8, 2008

Filed under: knitting,me — Emily @ 7:56 pm

I’ll start with the knitting.  I finished up the stockinette socks a couple of weeks ago.  They fit.  I started the Smockie dress for Pigeon, but I’ve modified it for knitting in the round.  I know, crazy!

The other stuff is more about the crazy that’s been happening these past 3 weeks.

I found out on April 16 that my employment with Company A would be transferred to Company B starting on May 5.  Now that it’s after May 5, I can say that it’s basically the same job but with a different way of running things. 

But I feel like my job is very unstable right now.  I suppose that’s just a side effect of having one’s employment tossed around behind one’s back.  Not to mention that there are an overabundance of Company B’s employees locally.

And to top it all off, we received 2 offers on the house yesterday.  Just when we’re questioning whether or not we want to move (see the above instability feelings).  Neither offer looks like it’s going to go through because we’re now very steadfast about the amount of money we’ll take, and (the other big consideration) these offers are both with closing dates after my due date.  Heh, like we’re going to move 3-14 days after I give birth.  OK, since I wrote that bit 5 hours ago, we accepted an offer.  We’ll sign papers tomorrow!

So, we’ll see on that.

In the baby news, we had a second sonogram this week to get a better head measurement.  Pigeon was very uncooperative the first time.  This time, the head measurement went well, but the US showed that she was a little small so now they have me going in for Non-Stress Tests twice a week.  On top of the weekly OB appointments.  JOY.

Anyways, I just wanted to check in and hopefully not come across as being in a negative mood. 

Irises from Grandpa's farm

The irises we transplanted from Grandpa’s farm 3 years ago are blooming for the first time.  Poor things — they’re going to get dug up again in a few weeks.


2 Responses to “Life is crazy”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Job instability makes my stomach knot up.

    The house news is encouraging, though! Now, where are YOU going?

    Pigeon, don’t give mommy any more to worry about, ‘K?

  2. lisa Says:

    Good luck with it all about the job… The iris should do fine being moved, they are lovely!

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