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Photographic Evidence February 11, 2008

Filed under: house,WIP — Emily @ 4:07 pm


New, non-evil, functioning doorknob


New, non-evil or possessed, garage door opener

In progress.

Taggie's innards

Amorphous blob, aka taggie

Feline assistance

I will try to severely limit the house talk from now on.  I know it’s boring to most people, but I think I should remark upon the doorknob briefly. It jammed up completely and had to be replaced. Hammers were used in the process, as well as many curse words.

(BTW, the camera was in hubby’s car.)


One Response to “Photographic Evidence”

  1. lisa Says:

    Oh yeah, doorknobs like that are just not worth spending too much time with. What is the fabric item? Nice colors!

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