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Ah, Retail Therapy February 8, 2008

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I got bit by the Taggie Blanket bug.  “Those look so easy to make,” says I.  “I shall go spend my JoAnns giftcard on fabric and ribbon and oooooh a rotary cutter and I shall make a blanket.”

So right now I’m stalled on winding the bobbins.  Mommy has to do that on her machine because it doesn’t work on mine.  I’ve almost got it all pinned and ready to be sewn, though.

My brain needed this new obsession.  I’ve been so mentally strung up on selling the house and the house falling apart around us that I needed something else on my mind.  I bought enough fabric to make some smaller Taggie toys/burpcloths/etc plus the blanket, so I think I can keep busy for a while.

And a quickie update on the Hypothetical Baby Blanket.  I’m over halfway done on block 5.  I really like these blocks of only 18 garter ridges.

Well, there were going to be pictures of everything, but the digital camera has disappeared.  Spiffy.


One Response to “Ah, Retail Therapy”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Apparently Murphy didn’t get the eviction notice?

    I think a taggie blanket would be great. If my machine wasn’t hell-bent on sucking material into itself rather than simply passing it along, I might follow suit.

    Hey — if it keeps your mind off the rest of the crap taking roost right now….

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