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What next? February 1, 2008

Filed under: house — Emily @ 7:59 am

House, if you truly are a sentient being trying to prevent us from selling you, then please grow an additional 500 square feet before you start falling apart.  Really!  The chair scratching the Pergo floor was annoying but fairly insignificant, but we really do need that garage door opener.  Well, we really need it to open ONLY when we push the button, not randomly at night.

And Murphy, you can get lost and take your law with you.


One Response to “What next?”

  1. lisa Says:

    Welll….. we need a new sill at least in part of the house… we pulled it out, sawdust! And that’s the part we know about. And the newish roof needs repair around the chimney. And there’s a totally unfinished crazy floor in the family room. And the watercloset that needs the toilet pulled and a new floor installed. And then there’s the cosmetics. Thinking about moving… but all that needs doing first. Gads!

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